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REVSRegister of Encumbered Vehicles (New South Wales Office of Fair Trading; Australia)
REVSRadar-Enhanced Vision System
REVSRobust Electronic Voting System
REVSRequirements Engineering Validation System
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His heart warms to him when he can bring forward some example of cruelty or meanness, and he exults like an inquisitor at the auto da fe of an heretic when with some forgotten story he can confound the filial piety of the Rev. Robert Strickland.
A close examination would have showed many more ingenious safeguards; but the eye of the Rev. Thomas Twyford, at least, was already riveted on what interested him much more--the dull silver disk which shone in the white light against a plain background of black velvet.
One day as the young gentlemen were assembled in the study at the Rev. Mr.
Krapf, an Anglican missionary, founded an establishment at Monbaz, on the coast of Zanguebar, and, in company with the Rev. Dr.