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RWRRegional Weather Roundup
RWRRadar Warning Receiver
RWRRight Wing Resistance (various locations)
RWRRead/Write Reality
RWRRonald Wilson Reagan (40th President of the USA)
RWRRaw Water Reservoir
RWRRichard Wayne & Roberts (recruiting firm; Houston, TX)
RWRReal World Radio (multilingual web radio)
RWRRoyal Winnipeg Rifles (Canada)
RWRReclaimed Water Reuse (various locations)
RWRReflective Wave Reducer
RWRRapid Weight Reduction (program)
RWRReword (proofreading)
RWRRight Wing Republican (political label)
RWRRace Walking Record (magazine)
RWRRideau Woodland Ramble (Merrickville, Ontario, Canada)
RWRRoyal Westminster Regiment (Canada)
RWRRegional War Room (local authority to administer a region in the UK following a nuclear attack)
RWRRREP Without RREQ (RREP = Route REPly; RREQ = Route REQuest)
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Options that simply reword the current legislation, or seek to maintain the status quo, will do nothing but condemn doctors to continue to suffer in silence.
For some it is recommended to reword the application text to use only one or two before variables, and to inform the translators of the constraints of the system prompts available for dates/times.
Let me reword that to say we need to get out of the box.
However, the Conservatives not only agreed with the motion but wanted to reword it so it was stronger.
It features a reword by Sir Paul McCartney and essays from lexander McCall Smith and Will Self, and delivers he message that "home is the most important place the world".
relanguage: Term used by $300-an-hour consultants when $1 words, such as reword, rephrase, or rewrite, would work just as well.
Sources say proposals to reword article 38 of the constitution are to be recommended by the Oireachtas Committee on Child Protection in the coming weeks.
May I suggest that they reword their advert by saying something like ``you can have the odds advertised to a percentage of your stake,'' or alternatively, they could seek some advice from the real bookmakers at Rye House, Harlow or Sittingbourne, where you don't have a problem getting this type of bet on to your full stake.
For this reason, it may be worthwhile to reword the standard joint check agreements, as shown at the end of this article.
These remain with me today, even after those two fine gentlemen have passed on to their reword.
What about the senior managers who want to reword the mission statement but cannot conceive a new one?