rhBMP2Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2
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En el ano 2009, se utilizaron MP de PLGA de rhBMP2 en una matriz compuesta de chitosan/colageno para evaluar su uso en la oseointegracion de implantes dentarios en mandibulas de perros (Shi et al., 2009).
En el ano 2007, se comparo el uso de una matriz de HA y una matriz de [beta]-TCP con y sin Pluronic, cargadas (rhBMP2) y vacias (rhBMP-2 libre), en defectos oseos criticos de calota de conejo (Zhou et al., 2007).
El uso de rhBMP2 en la reconstruccion de defectos complejos como fisuras alveolares es promisorio, considerando el empleo de MP con rhBMP-2 una opcion rentable tanto en aspectos biologicos como economicos.
(4) Basic medium, OIM, and rhBMP2 (BMP2) (R&D, cat.
rhBMP2 and rhNELL1 added to OIM had no effect on osteogenic differentiation and commitment to osteogenic lineage based on ARS and quantification.
The 4 x 4 square table is rhFGFb, rhBMP2, rhNELL1, and rhBMP2 plus rhNELL1 in different dosages with osteogenic induction medium (OIM).
Although not statistically significant, we observed a greater amount of new bone formation adjacent to rhBMP2 loaded barrier membranes, as well as an increased BGR% compared to the other groups at the earlier stage of osteogenesis (8 weeks).
used recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2 (rhBMP2) with cells [10], and Nagasaki et al.
analyzed the capability of rhBMP-2 to induce osteogenesis on BFPSCs cultured in different culture conditions (i.e., osteo-inductive reagents (OS), rhBMP2 (BMP), and the combination of BMP and OS (BMP-OS)) [10].
Considering the advantages of Bacillus expression system, the focus of the present study was to increase the yield of the secretory dimerized rhBMP2, its optimization, and characterization which has not been reported yet.
subtilis strains; SCK6 and WB600 were used for cloning, subcloning, and rhBMP2 production, respectively.
The plasmids for rhBMP2 production (pHT43-BMP2-M and pHT43-BMP2-D) were transformed into B.