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RBZReserve Bank of Zimbabwe
RBZRegionaal Bureau Zelfstandigen (Dutch public assistance office)
RBZRiparian Buffer Zone (biodiversity)
RBZReichsbahnzentrale (German)
RBZRoth, Bookstein and Zaslow LLP (Los Angeles, CA)
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The result: an 83-nucleotide ribozyme that was only moderately sequence-specific and could reliably knit a test segment of left-handed RNA to a template -- about a million times faster than would have happened without enzyme assistance.
But to do their work, ribozymes need to first get into the cells, and for that they need help.
We found that magnesium ions bind to a special, location on the ribozyme to keep the mouth open.
Correct insertion of the ribozyme in the resulting plasmids pVif5113 and pVif5113A was verified by sequencing.
Integration of our in vitro-generated various ribozyme activities may lead to novel antibiotic synthesis through rational modular ribo zyme design.
If functional nucleic acids or ribozymes are present in nature, or are relatively easy to generate by in vitro selection - the argument goes - then similar functional nucleic acids or ribozymes could have also existed during the evolution of an RNA world.
Bashkin's find could lead to cheaper chemotherapy drugs that produce far fewer side effects because his ribozyme mimics recognize the chemistry of dangerous mRNA, leaving the normal mRNA alone.
Not only do ribozymes prevent the infection of human immune cells by the virus, they also block viral replication in cells that are infected.
1939) showed that a type of bacterial RNA they called a ribozyme could act like an enzyme and restructure itself.
Professor Cech was the scientific founder of Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc.
The research team looked at a lab-grown ribozyme that catalyzes the Diels-Alder reaction, which has broad applications in organic chemistry.