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RIPRequiescat In Pace (Latin: May He/She Rest in Peace)
RIPRest in Peace
RIPRouting Information Protocol
RiPResearch in Progress
RIPRest in Paradise
RIPRock Im Park (rock festival in Germany)
RIPRide in Peace
RIPRest in Pieces
RIPRust in Peace
RIPReceptor-Interacting Protein (cell apoptosis)
RIPRegulation of Investigatory Powers (commerce regulations, UK)
RIPReconnu d'Intérêt Pédagogique (French: Recognized Educational Interest; trademark of Ministry of National Education)
RIPRun In Place (aerobics/exercise)
RIPRibosome-Inactivating Protein
RIPRelief In Place
RIPRock in Peace (song title)
RIPRot in Pieces (band)
RIPRoad Improvement Project (Bangladesh)
RIPRanger Indoctrination Program
RIPREACH Implementation Project
RIPRetirement Income Plan (finance)
RIPRepair In Place
RIPResidential Investment Property
RIPRead in Peace
RIPRiposi in Pace (Italian: Rest in Peace)
RIPReturn If Possible
RIPRefractive Index Profile
RiPRipped in Pieces (band)
RIPRemedies In Place
RIPRehabilitation and Inspection Program (USACE)
RIPRead in Private
RIPReleve d'Identite Postale (French: statement of postal identity)
RIPReduction in Personnel
RIPRetired In Place :-)
RIPResearch Investigation Process (Analysis of Variance Science Education)
RIPReport on Individual Personnel (USAF)
RIPRCRA Implementation Plan
RIPReadiness Improvement Program
RIPReactor Internal Pump (power plant)
RIPReliability Improvement Program
RIPRest In Proportion
RIPReturn Instruction Pointer
RIPRaster Image Processor/Processing
RIPRouting Interchange Protocol
RIPRaw In-Process
RIPRapid Isothermal Processing
RIPReparable Issue Point
RIPRequest in Process
RIPRapid Install Package (Altiris)
RIPRise If Possible
RIPRégime Interprofessionnel de Prévoyance (French: Interprofessional Retirement Plan)
RIPRegister of Intelligence Publications
RIPRadar Improvement Plan
RIPReflex Inhibiting Posture
RIPReceived Isotropic Power
RIPRecoverable Item Program
RIPRemote Indicator Panel
RIPRequirements Integration Panel
RIPReconnaissance Information Point
RIPReduction Implementation Panel (DOD)
RIPRemaining in Period
RIPRolling Injection Planter
RIPRapid Installation Plan/Phase
RIPRapidly Induced Phosphatase
RIPRate Image Processor
RIPRepair, Inspect, Paint (railroad)
RIPRough In Point
RIPRecovery Is Possible (software)
RIPRemove Invasive Plants (Arlington, VA)
RIPRespiratory Inductance Plethysmography (pulmonary ventilation)
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Depending on the customer's application, their system can have anywhere from one to six moving blades on their select rip machine," said Marvin West, vice president of sales with Mereen-Johnson Machine Co.
Each of ErgoSoft's comprehensive line of inkjet RIPs is designed to meet the unique requirements of Fine Art, Photography, Large Format Display, Textile and Sublimation.
Anyone who swims in the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, Gulf of Mexico, or Great Lakes needs to know what a rip current is capable of and how to react if caught," said Brig.
The choice can be influenced by the value of the lumber, the production volume required, the degree to which rip widths can be standardized, the mix of random versus specified width rippings, the required quality of glue joints, production lot sizes and the capital available to install the system.
He warns of the rip current's overpowering force and also offers practical advice on the best action to take if caught.
The two drownings so far this year already have shown the lethal impact of El Nino-powered surf and rip currents.
The Rip Tide won the region's league play finishing with an undefeated record of 8-0.
CelebraNT incorporates a complete Adobe PostScript 3 RIP solution including the use of Adobe In-RIP Trapping technology," said Allen J.
The introduction of the VUTEk QS2000 printer and Fiery XF production RIP combines full productivity, unmatched quality and a sophisticated, yet intuitive RIP," said Ghilad Dziesietnik, chief technology officer for EFI.
Today, the company is a leading manufacturer of PostScript imagesetting systems that use software RIPs as controllers.
Soon, Rip was off headlining his own revues including "Funny Farm," "Hello, America," "Red Hot and Rowdy," "Rip Roarin