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RFTARequest for Tenancy Approval (housing; various locations)
RFTAReserve Forces Training Area
RFTARising from the Ashes (metal band)
RFTARoaring Fork Transit Agency
RFTARequest For Technical Assistance
RFTARadio Frequency Thermal Ablation
RFTARegional Fuel Tax Agreement
RFTAReverse Fault Tree Analysis
RFTARun for Them All (Memorial Day motorcyle ride)
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RISING FROM THE ASHES Smoke swirls around the site of the Twin Towers 12 days after the attack while (right) the new One World Trade Center rises over Manhattan's skyline AFTER THE BIG CLEAN-UP View of Ground Zero facing north on West Street and (below) as it is today LOOK TO THE FUTURE Medical and emergency workers point to where the towers used to be and sightseers (right) in exactly the same spot beside the Millennium Hilton CLOUD OVER BROADWAY Cloud of ash rolls down Broadway and pedestrians pass the same McDonald's FLAMES TO FREEDOM Fires rage after the Towers were hit and (right) One World Trade Center - the Freedom Tower - takes shape GONE, NEVER FORGOTTEN Visitors gaze at the wreckage of the collapsed Towers and (below) Ground Zero is now a memorial to the dead
THIS massive phoenix sculpture is rising from the ashes - of a former pit site.
Like a golden phoenix, Rising from the ashes, The city was built once more, Glass and concrete replacing, Timbered houses and quaint shops.
Yellowstone's Rebirth by Fire: Rising from the Ashes of the 1988 Wildfires" is a study of the comeback of the Yellowstone wilderness after the devastating fires that covered them twenty years ago.
A KITTS Green church has celebrated rising from the ashes of two fires by hoisting a mosaic cross on to its bell tower.
Rising from the ashes of Night Sky magazine is this inaugural book of the Astronomy for Everyone series.
But, as Thorpe himself says in Rising from the Ashes, not many sportsmen get to take their leave on their own terms in fairytale style.
A lot has been said about the Boot estate; this school is like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
The people of the area may still be divided on its future but it seems the phoenix of Ballymun is already rising from the ashes.
But from the devastation grew Onik's inner strength and the belief that he is as able as those who do not have physical handicaps - a strength he credits getting from a nonprofit organization aptly named Pyunic, the Armenian word for phoenix, representing the bird rising from the ashes.