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RIVERete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici (Italian: Italian Ecological Villages)
RIVERenal Interstitial Volume Expansion (nephrology)
RIVEReconstituted Influenza Virus Envelopes
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Another exception, not technically a Rive, produced by Bortolomiol is 'Ius Naturae' (law of nature) which is certified organic and was balanced and lively.
illegal fishing damages a fish numbers u in our rive i rs and spoils angling for others.
Le systeme de depollution situe sur la rive gauche du Bouregreg (Rabat-Temara) a ete donc acheve, tandis que celui de la rive droite (Sale-Bouknadel) est encore en cours de realisation.
Why did it take helicopters rive hours to lift six people out of one hospital?
De La Rive has a private port on the lake where campers can berth their own boats.
Des lors, l'Europe se retrouve devant des interlocuteurs nouveaux dans la rive sud, issus des urnes et po rteurs de visions et approches nouvelles, a-t-il fait remarquer, considerant que cette realite augure de l'ouverture d'une nouvelle page dans les relations entre les deux rives.
Although some major industrial countries--such as the United States and Japan--are still increasing their use of coal, world use has changed little in the last rive years.
It tore the scar tissue from my gall bladder surgery and gave me rive hernias.
There are rive major mountain ranges in the diocese -- and virtually no flat land.
Thirty Year Industry Executive Will Lead Rive Technology To Deliver Innovative Catalyst Technology to the Petroleum Refining Industry
Rive Technology, a developer of innovative materials-based solutions for catalytic and separations processes such as those in the petroleum refining, chemicals, and biofuels industries, announced today the expansion of its commercial team.
is proud to announce its representation of Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche's 160th Anniversary, celebrating the milestone of France's first department store.