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RKRepair Kit
RKRama Krishna
RKRadial Keratotomy
RKRaj Kapoor (Indian actor)
RKRelient K (band)
RKRilo Kiley (band)
RKRukometni Klub (Croatian: Handball Club)
RKRich Kid
RKReligious Knowledge
RKRöda Korset (Swedish Red Cross)
RKRandom Key (computing)
RKRoemisch Katholisch (German : Roman Catholic)
RKRedlich Kwong (Thermodynamic Equation)
RKRadial Keratectomy
RKKomi Republic (Russia)
RKReaction Kinetic
RKRechtschaffen and Kales (sleep analyzation)
RKRegistered Keeper (vehicle ownership)
RKRajni Kanth (actor)
RKRitter Kreuz (German: Knight's Cross)
RKRoger Kwok (Chinese actor)
RKUS Revenue Consular Service Fee (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RKRadio Kaštela (Kaštela, Croatia)
RKRichmond Knights (band)
RKRynnäkkö Kivääri (Finnish: assault rifle)
RKRoad Kill
RKRobert Kelly (rapper)
RKRurouni Kenshin (anime)
RKRunge-Kutta (methods; higher mathematics)
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The Wilderness Society Tasmania campaigner Vica Bayley said vehicles had a particularly devastating impact on Tasmanian devils because the carrion eaters were often hit when feeding on earlier roadkill.
Knowledge of roadkill dynamics has contributed to mitigation actions to minimize wildlife mortality in many developed countries.
Data from these observations include the group of animals and the species identified as well as the exact GPS location, the date and time of recording, photos of the roadkill and any relevant additional information related to the species, the road or the traffic condition.
As previously mentioned, the historical DNR roadkill abundance data was summarized for each region, not the individual counties within the region.
Wildlife fencing can reduce rates of roadkill by keeping animals off the road.
This communication reports the roadkill of a jaguar on the BR-101 Highway, in a sector where this road crosses the two largest protected areas in the state of Espirito Santo, southeastern Brazil.
Report badgers killed on roads THE FUW is urging farmers and the public to report roadkill badgers to help government vets understand bovine TB.
Not only has she caused an accident that left her estranged husband flatter than roadkill, but we've also found out she tried to finish off Ross when he was a baby.
For an expanding subculture of budget-sensitive and health-conscious foragers with an adventurous palate, roadkill cuisine is proving very attractive.
The Barretts know to be worried when a package turns up at the beginning of the week - containing roadkill and a threatening note - and Brax is furious that they've all been put in danger again.
Rubber tire remains, roadkill carcasses, and empty water bottles half-melted by the desert sun litter the side of the road; temperatures rise into the 100s.