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RKRama Krishna
RKRadial Keratotomy
RKRaj Kapoor (Indian actor)
RKRelient K (band)
RKRilo Kiley (band)
RKRukometni Klub (Croatian: Handball Club)
RKRich Kid
RKReligious Knowledge
RKRöda Korset (Swedish Red Cross)
RKRandom Key (computing)
RKRoemisch Katholisch (German : Roman Catholic)
RKRedlich Kwong (Thermodynamic Equation)
RKRadial Keratectomy
RKKomi Republic (Russia)
RKReaction Kinetic
RKRechtschaffen and Kales (sleep analyzation)
RKRegistered Keeper (vehicle ownership)
RKRajni Kanth (actor)
RKRitter Kreuz (German: Knight's Cross)
RKRoger Kwok (Chinese actor)
RKUS Revenue Consular Service Fee (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RKRadio Kaštela (Kaštela, Croatia)
RKRichmond Knights (band)
RKRynnäkkö Kivääri (Finnish: assault rifle)
RKRoad Kill
RKRobert Kelly (rapper)
RKRurouni Kenshin (anime)
RKRunge-Kutta (methods; higher mathematics)
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Though many states have no laws against picking up roadkill, Massachusetts does when it comes to deer.
2009); therefore, it is hypothesized that roadkill in this species is correlated with lunar conditions.
in recent years, several reports of American badgers have originated from Dunklin County, particularly in the area of Kennett and Campbell, and three reports of roadkills were made in 2007.
Odeon Press is thrilled to allow Roadkill to live again.
During the first two months of data collection, thirty cases of roadkill were georeferenced with GPS ("Global Position System" --Garmin eTrex).
The largest number of foxes were killed on the roads from October to January, hares from April to July, although in the latter species the seasonality of roadkills was expressed quite weakly.
But the effectiveness of these solutions is unknown, and may be improved with targeting problem roadkill areas.
These cold-blooded, moist-skinned vertebrates (animals with backbones) accounted for 94 percent of the total roadkill.
Whatever the reason, all this made Angelides pure roadkill, the victim of legislative compromises that robbed him both of solid issues and of his party base.
Their quest to find the tiger led them to meet many interesting characters in the wilds of Australia and Tasmania, a small island 150 miles south of Melbourne, including some remarkable animals, such as the Tasmanian Devil, giant crayfish, wallabies and assorted roadkill.
In desperation, he turns to the internet and discovers a man who manages to survive on things he has found in the woods and - wait for it - roadkill.
Other crickets stop to eat the roadkill and get squashed themselves.