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ROLLRule Object Logic Language
ROLLRadioguided Occult Lesion Localization
ROLLRequest Order Linked List (computing)
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Neither before nor since have I felt a ship roll so abruptly, so violently, so heavily.
Jerry was so secure in his nook that he did not roll away.
All this time, the roll of the drum had been approaching through Cornhill, louder and deeper, till with reverberations from house to house, and the regular tramp of martial footsteps, it burst into the street.
As he drew near the advancing soldiers, and as the roll of their drum came full upon his ears, the old man raised himself to a loftier mien, while the decrepitude of age seemed to fall from his shoulders, leaving him in gray but unbroken dignity.
As roll a thousand waves to the rocks, so Swaran's host came on.
This man had to roll the ball, to watch the stakes as they were laid down, to gather them off the colour which lost, to pay those who won, to do it all with the utmost dispatch, to roll the ball again, and to keep this game perpetually alive.
As the Ghost rolled her side out of water, the boat was lifted snugly against her, and before the return roll came, we had heaved it in over the side and turned it bottom up on the deck.
Several times Condon attempted to draw the lad into a card game; but his victim was not interested, and the black looks of several of the other men passengers decided the American to find other means of transferring the boy's bank roll to his own pocket.
The Saw-Horse now became quiet, and held its legs rigid; so that Tip, after several efforts, was able to roll him over and set him upright.
On the contrary, the coach begins to roll back upon No.
It rolls the midmost waters of the world, the Indian ocean and Atlantic being but its arms.
Sweet words falter to and fro -- Though the great River rolls between.