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ROMPRing-Opening Metathesis Polymerization
ROMPRain On My Parade
ROMPResponsible Organized Mountain Pedalers (Campbell, CA)
ROMPRiver of Music Party (Owensboro, Kentucky)
ROMPRural Ontario Medical Program (Canada)
ROMPResponsible Owners of Mannerly Pets
ROMPRange of Motion Project
ROMPRandom Oscillating Magnetic Pendulum
ROMPRetain Our Majority Program (political)
ROMPRegression of Offspring on Midparent
ROMPRice Outreach Mentoring Program
ROMPReediana Omnibus Musica Philosopha (Reed College)
ROMPResearch Office Products Division Micro Processor (IBM)
ROMPRing Opening Multibranching Polymerization
ROMPRegionally Organised Modem Pool
ROMPRun-Off Management Plan
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And now foolest thou me fleeing; thou sweet romp dost annoy!
So Meg went away to `accept with thanks', look over her dress, and sing blithely as she did up her one real lace frill, while Jo finished her story, her four apples, and had a game of romps with Scrabble.
But the black kitten had been finished with earlier in the afternoon, and so, while Alice was sitting curled up in a corner of the great arm-chair, half talking to herself and half asleep, the kitten had been having a grand game of romps with the ball of worsted Alice had been trying to wind up, and had been rolling it up and down till it had all come undone again; and there it was, spread over the hearth-rug, all knots and tangles, with the kitten running after its own tail in the middle.
Modeled after the highly successful Race for the Cure, the Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer event consists of a 3k or 5k snowshoe walk or a 3k snowshoe race.
hen asked directly whether she had ever had a three- in-a-bed romp, she replied in affirmation.
ROMP organisers say the winner will be provided with everything they need to pursue their music career dream.
Lorraine, 36, who is now dating an older lover, asked sexy senior sales manager Debra Barr, 26, and her partner if they fancied a romp.
Tell her it's only fair that, if she grabs a hunk, she ensures that they go back to his place, romp on the beach or pay for another hotel.
BIG BROTHER house-mate Makosi has revealed fears that she is pregnant after a drunken romp on the reality TV show.
Writer and Christian comedienne G'Orge-Walker returns with another hilarious romp with Sister Betty.
This book is a highly entertaining romp around the world that is part travelogue, part history lesson, with a healthy dose of appreciation of various cultures.
The Mathematics of Oz is a stimulating romp through often mind-bending terrain.