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Their study found that Sun-like stars, characterized as being like the Sun in mass and age, do indeed rotate in a similar manner as the Sun in that their equatorial regions rotate more rapidly than at mid- to high latitudes.
The rotation axis is off to the side of the wing and parallel to its width, so that it rotates like half of an airplane propeller.
Curved blade tips rotate 360[degrees] independently of the shaft, to allow medial and lateral cutting in the frontal sinus and more complete removal of polyps and mucin in the maxillary sinus.
Different points rotate at different rates, in a process called differential rotation.--R.
In the time it takes the pipe to rotate around to the heat source again, the heat is transferred inward.
The job rotation policy was introduced by Flakeboard's first plant manager, Mike Gibbon, who devised the idea of having personnel rotate into non-traditional roles.
Ask her to hold her right arm out straight, raise it 45 degrees, and rotate it medially so that the thumb is down.
These devices rotate into position close to the new core and pin the film before cutting.
But each time the LandRoller's giant wheels rotate, they cover more distance than a traditional skate's small wheels.
The CFdesign ability to simulate flows affected by both linear and angular motions becomes useful in, for example, sliding vane positive displacement pump design, where vanes or pistons translate radially as they rotate about a centerline.
Therefore, we need a magnetic field separator, for example a superconducting sheet between two vertical magnetic fields for the neutron and the nuclear polarizations [4], or we need to rotate the neutron polarization by [pi]/2 before transmission through a polarized nuclear target as it is shown in Fig.
Externally rotate your right hip, taking care not to hyperextend the right knee, and tilt your belly and chest up toward the ceiling.