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ROTRepublic of Texas (biker rally)
ROTRule of Thumb
ROTReign of Terror (band, and also a gaming clan)
ROTRotunda (Portuguese postal usage)
ROTRight on Time (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
ROTRight on Time
ROTTAROM Romanian Air Transport (ICAO code)
ROTRestraint of Trade
ROTRunning Object Table
ROTRate of Turn
ROTRule of Thirds (photography)
ROTRepublic of Turkey
ROTRetention of Title
ROTRose of Tralee (Ireland)
ROTRise of the Triad (video game)
ROTReally Off Topic
ROTRunway Occupancy Time
ROTRetailers' Occupation Tax (Illinois, USA)
ROTRedundant, Outdated, or Trivial (material on web pages; US EPA)
ROTRecord Of Trial
ROTRemotely Operated Tool
ROTReceive Only Terminal
ROTRise Over Thermal (wireless communication systems)
ROTRight Offensive Tackle (football position)
ROTRehabilitate-Own-Transfer (project/financing arrangement)
ROTRise of Tyrants (online game)
ROTRegistered Option Trader
ROTRise of Terror (online game)
ROTRevision of Terms (loans)
ROTRolled on Tube (textile business)
ROTReturn on Turnover
ROTRealms of Thoth (gaming)
ROTRadar On Target
ROTResults Oriented Thinking
ROTRight on Test
RoTReapers of Time (gaming clan)
ROTResource Occupancy Time
ROTResidue Off-Site Treatment
ROTReign of Tatooine (gaming clan)
ROTRadar-Only Tactic
ROTRoyal Operating Table (Crossing the Line Ceremony)
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Perhaps aware of the difficulties of defending his monument in court, Moore abandoned his earlier pledge about isolating the Commandments and added a three-foot bronze plaque of the Bill of Rights to the rotunda in November.
You could be made to feel positively out of place in a Rotunda apartment unless you wear an Armani striped suit with sockless feet stuck in trendy flip-flops.
Since 2003, the task of running the Rotunda has been shared between the coaches who look after the club's boxers and an eight-strong committee which takes responsibility for not only general administration and the fabric of the building but also the vital task of fund-raising.
At this upper level, flanking the rotunda, are the museum director and the curatorial offices.
Now buyers in the Rotunda - who are virtually all buy to-let investors - have been left out of pocket, with rents failing to cover the monthly bills, which include service charges as well as mortgage payments.
From the moment the architect's earliest designs began to appear in the papers the Rotunda became the most distinctive shape in the city, symbolizing all that was modern, clean and ambitious about the New Birmingham.
A Birmingham Alliance spokesman said: 'The Rotunda is one of the most important buildings in the region and it will form an important part of our redevelopment.
Scientific Learning Corporation (Nasdaq: SCIL) announced today that the Company's headquarters are now located in the restored Oakland Rotunda Building across from City Hall in a City Enterprise Zone that has been fiber-optically wired for technology-based companies.
Victory is in sight for women's rights leaders who have fought for 76 years to persuade Congress to move a mammoth sculpture of three leading suffragists from the Capitol's ground floor to its splendid Rotunda.
From the early designs in 1987, it is the disposition of the rotunda which dominates Meier's sketches.
A strong architectural feature, the rotunda is panelled in pear wood, detailed in polished copper and highlighted by soft grey-green Italian granite flooring.