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ROTRepublic of Texas (biker rally)
ROTRule of Thumb
ROTReign of Terror (band, and also a gaming clan)
ROTRoot of Trust (computing)
ROTRotunda (Portuguese postal usage)
ROTRight on Time
ROTRight on Time (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
ROTTAROM Romanian Air Transport (ICAO code)
ROTRestraint of Trade
ROTRunning Object Table
ROTRate of Turn
ROTRegistered Orthopedic Technologist (American Society of Orthopedic Professionals)
ROTReturn on Talent
ROTRule of Thirds (photography)
ROTRepublic of Turkey
ROTRetention of Title
ROTRose of Tralee (Ireland)
ROTRise of the Triad (video game)
ROTReally Off Topic
ROTRedundant, Obsolete, Trivial
ROTRunway Occupancy Time
ROTRemaining Operating Time
ROTRetailers' Occupation Tax (Illinois, USA)
ROTRedundant, Outdated, or Trivial (material on web pages; US EPA)
ROTRecord Of Trial
ROTRemotely Operated Tool
ROTReceive Only Terminal
ROTRise Over Thermal (wireless communication systems)
ROTRight Offensive Tackle (football position)
ROTRehabilitate-Own-Transfer (project/financing arrangement)
ROTRise of Tyrants (online game)
ROTRegistered Option Trader
ROTRequirements Operability Test (US Air Force)
ROTRise of Terror (online game)
ROTRevision of Terms (loans)
ROTRolled on Tube (textile business)
ROTRealms of Thoth (gaming)
ROTReturn on Turnover
ROTResults Oriented Thinking
ROTRadar On Target
ROTRight on Test
ROTReapers of Time (gaming clan)
ROTResource Occupancy Time
ROTResidue Off-Site Treatment
ROTRadar-Only Tactic
ROTReign of Tatooine (gaming clan)
ROTRoyal Operating Table (Crossing the Line Ceremony)
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The report discovered variations were found between the terms of consent given by families and the examinations by the Rotunda Hospital.
Then there's the punk band who call themselves Rotunda, because it's the easiest way to say where you come from, and the author - Danny Bernardi - whose novel, Under the Rotunda, also tells you all you need to know about the setting on the title-page.
Leaving the monument isolated in the judiciary building's rotunda was a priority for Moore.
When viewed from the rotunda, the overall impression the house conveys is one of opening an elegant treasure box.
Long piles were sunk on either side of the railway tubes and these are topped with oil damped springs to prevent vibration being carried up to the concrete slab on which the steel rotunda was built.
The National Archives saw record crowds over the summer since the re-opening of the Rotunda in September 2003, as tourist season visitor numbers topped 717,000.
The current configuration of the rotunda poses challenges to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design which need to be addressed to meet the Universitys vision of universal accessibility.
What began as a pilot scheme has turned into a strong relationship between Rotunda and Catherine Higgins Law.
Some elements of the Urban Splash transformation at Rotunda are spectacular, if a little scary.
Indeed, since 1997, the Rotunda has produced 45 national finalists, 33 of whom have won their bouts to become champions.
Those collaborating to keep this pile of junk in place should instead end the long suffering of the people of Birmingham, and demolish the Rotunda and most of the other high-rise monstrosities littering the city.
But the strangest thing down below may be the Mathews murals, a 1914 depiction of California history that encircles the ``drum'' that supports the rotunda.