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ROUSEResponding Optimally with Unknown Sources of Evidence
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Are there no younger men among the Achaeans who could go about to rouse the princes?
Go then, for you are younger than I, and of your courtesy rouse Ajax and the fleet son of Phyleus.
While he was thus hesitating Minerva came up to him and said, "Get back, Diomed, to the ships or you may be driven thither, should some other god rouse the Trojans.
Rob Kearney, defending Rouse, told the court: "He had no proper family life to speak of.
Rouse is also among a small band of chancers who attempted to fake their own deaths, a list topped by former Wednesbury MP John Stonehouse, who, in 1974, hoodwinked the world into thinking he had drowned.
Rouse, 36, of Redhill Road, Northfield, was jailed for five-anda-half years after he was convicted of sexual assault and attempted rape.
In the second of this year's new two-part 100-mile races, Rouse had been looking to leapfrog TT hero Ian Hutchinson - who had been lying third overall after the previous round but was missing from the event due to his TT commitments.
The purchase price represents a premium of approximately 35% over Rouse's closing stock price on January 15, 2016, the last trading day prior to Brookfield's announcement of a proposal to acquire Rouse, and an increase of USD 1.
Rouse owns Nastyworks Mobile Food Solutions, which builds, repairs and helps maintain food carts and trucks.
Brian Kingston, CEO of Brookfield Property Group said, "Our offer provides an attractive opportunity for Rouse shareholders to realize a significant premium to recent public market pricing.
It was all change on lap five as Rouse, Stafford and Dan Stamper made it past Keenan Armstrong and then a lap later Stamper made a move and passed both Rouse and Stafford, with Rouse also getting past Stafford to hold his 11th spot.