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ROVERural Outreach Vocational Education (Australia)
ROVERotary Overseas Vocational Exchange (Rotary Club)
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I hope one day Karl Rove will appreciate his stepfather as much as the gay community does.
Rove crafted) in which then-Governor Bush promised to be a "uniter, not a divider." White House pandering to the La Raza revolutionaries also belies the administration's current efforts to shore up its conservative base by proclaiming border security to be a top-priority issue.
Rove has spent his career making people dizzy with spin.
Cooper wrote: 'Spoke to Rove on double super secret background for about two mins before he went on vacation.' He finished 'please don't source this to Rove or even WH (White House)'.
In contrast, Rove had learned that "tort reform"--limits on victims' rights to sue corporations and other wrongdoers for compensation in the civil justice system--is a Republican treasure trove.
"I have known Karl Rove for many years and I am greatly impressed with his wisdom, dedication to President Bush and his love for Jesus Christ," said Falwell.
There's no question that Rove is smart political operative who deserves careful study.
The book contains the usual biographic material about Rove's parents, their divorce, his mother committing suicide, Karl's own divorce, and his never having earned a college degree.
The White House stood by him--for Rove is the White House--and quickly tried to douse the Rove/Intel story.
Rove Hotels has installed the software in its kitchen that monitors the usage of raw ingredients and the disposal of dishes which educates chefs on the items that are in most demand, according to Rove Hotels' senior manager of marketing and communications, Miguel Rojas.
Eager Rovesters, led by Rove's Chief Happiness Officer, Happyness Chipote, were on hand to paint a smile across Dubai for two days of happiness, high fives and positive vibes.