rp49Ribosomal Protein 49 Gene
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Target Forward HLF 5'-gaaggagctgggcaaatgcaagaa-3' Cyclophilin 5'-agcatacaggtcctggcatcttgt-3' Pdp1 total 5'-acttccctcctcagttgccgg-3' Pdp1[epsilon] 5'-ccacgctaacgtaccagaggattt-3' Pdp1[gamma] 5'-gagtttcagttacgcgttgttgct-3' RP49 5'-atgaccatccgcccagcataca-3' Target Reverse HLF 5'-accagacaggaaacaagctgtcca-3' Cyclophilin 5'-aaacgctccatggcttccacaatg-3' Pdp1 total 5'-tcgcagatggtctgtgtgta-3' Pdp1[epsilon] 5'-ctgaaatcgcgctttcaagctgtt-3' Pdp1[gamma] 5'-gttgttctccgacaggaactcgtc-5' RP49 5'-tgtgtattccgaccaggttac-3'
Executive Order Number RP49, Relating to an electric customer education choice campaign, electric conservation by state agencies, and diversity of energy supply.
The assets were valued at Rp49.5 trillion in 2008 up from Rp15.3 trillion in 2004.
In 2008, the assets of sharia banks totaled Rp49.5 trillion, or 2.2% of the total assets of conventional banks in the country.
The country hopes to increase fertilizer production with program, which is estimated to cost around Rp49.01 trillion.
Revitalization of the seven fertilizer factories will need an investment of Rp49.01 trillion including Rp 45.81 trillion for the revitalization of urea fertilizer factories and Rp3.21 trillion for the construction of an NPK factory.
In the past three years the banking industry recorded a leapfrogging increase in profit from Rp33.9 trillion in 2005 to Rp40.6 trillion in 2006 and to Rp49.9 trillion in 2007 or an annual growth of 21% on the average.