RPDSRevue Pratique de Droit Social (French: Employment Practice Law Review)
RPDSResearch Program in Development Studies (Princeton University)
RPDSRiverside Presbyterian Day School (Jacksonville, FL)
RPDSRural and Peninsula Disability Support (Australia)
RPDSRoland Park Driving School (Baltimore, MD)
RPDSRetired Personnel Data System
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Special Forces sometimes utilized a machine gun they captured from their Vietcong/NVA opponents--the Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova (RPD).
The RPDs were transformed to a linear scale that ranged from 6-23, where a rating of 6 represented no discomfort at all (Borg, 1998).
To compute the MOCV, the results of MID and DM should be converted to relative percentage difference (RPD).
Clasps are the most commonly used direct retainers for the RPDs and they are frequently made from the same alloy as the metal framework.
Implant prostheses or RPDs are the treatment of choice for patients who have lost posterior occlusal support [6].
The performance results of the four SAs and the four GAs are presented in Tables 10 and 11, and the RPDs and corresponding CPU times obtained by these algorithms as the parameters n, m, and [lambda] varied are illustrated in Figures 2-5.
The risks of operating in such environments are reduced by wearing appropriate RPD, usually by way of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).
We propose to use reduced probability distributions (RPD) to determine the number and type of modes in each arm.
The overwhelming indication for the attachment RPD is aesthetics.
Method blanks, matrix spikes, and standard reference materials were analyzed with each analytical batch and all fell within normal control limits with the exception of one duplicate showing A1 and one showing THg with above normal relative percent differences (RPDs).