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RUBRoyal University of Bhutan (also seen as RUoB)
RUBRich Urban Biker (aka PYB)
RUBRighteous Urban Barbecue (New York and Nevada)
RUBRuhr-Universitat Bochum (German university; Bochum, Germany)
RUBRoad Under Bridge
RUBRussian New Rouble (ISO currency code)
RUBRecording Unit Block (data management)
RUBRelocatable User Backup
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Alcohol rubs stood out as being considered by the practitioners who chose to use them as the most effective (50%) though only 21% of alcohol rub users liked using them.
WHEN Tony Blair rubs his tummy, it's because he wants his mummy, it was claimed yesterday.
Rub takes the helm at an important moment as CMA undergoes the largest expansion and renovation in its history.
With one hand on the dorsal surface and one hand on the plantar surface, vigorously rub the entire foot.
For hands that are not visibly soiled, use an alcohol-based rub; if that's unavailable, wash with soap, explained Dr.
If the hands are not visibly soiled, use an alcohol-based rub; if that's not available, wash with an antimicrobial soap, said Dr.
Culture samples collected immediately before and after scrubbing and 6 hours later showed significantly lower microbial colony counts on the fifth day of using the waterless alcohol-based rub, compared with the other two products, reported Dr.
* At the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Washington, D.C., installation of alcohol-based rub dispensers and education of staff resulted in a drop of new cases of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus by 23% over 2 years.
Turn your home into a spa with a lavish, completely organic sugar rub from Wild Earth's Inara line.
Women can try wearing a sport bra inside out so seams don't rub against your skin.