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ROLRomanian Leu (former Currency Unit, ISO)
ROLRisk of Loss (commercial transactions)
ROLRay of Light
ROLRing of Light (gaming)
ROLRule of Law
ROLRush of Love
ROLRock of Love (TV show)
ROLRepublic of Liberia
ROLRisultato Operativo Lordo (Italian: Gross Operating Result; taxes)
ROLRegistration on Line
ROLReadout Link
ROLRise of Legends (video game)
ROLRotate Left
ROLReview of Literature (in research)
ROLRegistration On-Line (various schools)
ROLRank Order List (medical residency)
ROLRock over London (London, UK)
ROLRate On Line (insurance)
ROLRate on Line
ROLRoad Occupancy License (Australia)
ROLRide on Lille (French roller skating club)
ROLReorder Level
ROLRecord of Learning (New Zealand)
ROLReduction-Option Loan
ROLRock Out Loud (band)
ROLReturn On Life
ROLRocketry Online
ROLRelease of Lien
ROLReddito Operativo Lordo (Italy)
ROLReconfiguration of Lot (infrastructure management; Australia)
ROLRepublic of Logarithms (micronation)
ROLReactor Operating Limit
ROLRetired Officers Luncheon
ROLRear-Of-Leg strap (skydiving)
ROLRun of Loom (textiles)
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"That's why we have been doing so much to ensure that the rule of law is being upheld and respected in Hong Kong."
A lack of rule of law, the prime minister said meant there were separate laws for the rich and the poor.
To promote a common rule of law culture across Europe, the Commission will follow up on the idea of a dedicated annual event for dialogue with civil society.
She further said, rule of law is meaningless unless there is access to justice for the common people.
The event was planned and organised as part of these joint efforts to fully operationalise the rule of law roadmap of Balochistan.
This Rule of Law initiative will lead to a countrywide 'Convention on the Rule of Law', tentatively in the autumn gathering institutions from all levels of governance, civil society and academia from throughout the country.
Ranking of countries in the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index was based on eight factors: constraints on government powers; absence of corruption; open government; fundamental rights; order and security; regulatory enforcement; civil justice; and criminal justice.
Commenting on the latest report, Malacantildeang said it was satisfied with the Philippines' performance in the 2019 rule of law index.
The Rule of Law Index is an evaluation of rule of law adherence worldwide based on more than 120,000 household and 3,800 expert surveys in 126 countries.
The prime minister regretted that rule of law in Pakistan could not be ensured in the past as dictators had been trying to become democrats while democratic leaders became dictators.
The home secretary said, 'Today we have taken a concrete step towards implementation of the Rule of Law Roadmap by inaugurating the Delivery Unit with the support of UNODC which has been a partner in improving the justice system in Balochistan for the last eight years.'
UNODC will continue supporting the Government of Balochistan and other relevant stakeholders in instilling rule of law and justice for all citizens in the province", stated Mr.