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ROTRepublic of Texas (biker rally)
ROTRule of Thumb
ROTReign of Terror (band, and also a gaming clan)
ROTRoot of Trust (computing)
ROTRotunda (Portuguese postal usage)
ROTRisk of Trip
ROTRight on Time (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
ROTRight on Time
ROTTAROM Romanian Air Transport (ICAO code)
ROTRestraint of Trade
ROTRunning Object Table
ROTRate of Turn
ROTRegistered Orthopedic Technologist (American Society of Orthopedic Professionals)
ROTReturn on Talent
ROTRule of Thirds (photography)
ROTRepublic of Turkey
ROTRetention of Title
ROTRose of Tralee (Ireland)
ROTRise of the Triad (video game)
ROTReally Off Topic
ROTRedundant, Obsolete, Trivial
ROTRunway Occupancy Time
ROTRemaining Operating Time
ROTRetailers' Occupation Tax (Illinois, USA)
ROTRedundant, Outdated, or Trivial (material on web pages; US EPA)
ROTRecord Of Trial
ROTRemotely Operated Tool
ROTReceive Only Terminal
ROTRise Over Thermal (wireless communication systems)
ROTRight Offensive Tackle (football position)
ROTRehabilitate-Own-Transfer (project/financing arrangement)
ROTRise of Tyrants (online game)
ROTRegistered Option Trader
ROTRequirements Operability Test (US Air Force)
ROTRise of Terror (online game)
ROTRevision of Terms (loans)
ROTRolled on Tube (textile business)
ROTReturn on Turnover
ROTRealms of Thoth (gaming)
ROTRadar On Target
ROTResults Oriented Thinking
ROTRight on Test
ROTReapers of Time (gaming clan)
ROTResource Occupancy Time
ROTResidue Off-Site Treatment
ROTRadar-Only Tactic
ROTReign of Tatooine (gaming clan)
ROTRoyal Operating Table (Crossing the Line Ceremony)
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If the relationship is roughly constant across time, then it is a useful rule of thumb. If the relationship is not stable over time, it is harder to use Okun's law to assess past movements in unemployment and forecast future movements.
You can perform a "what-if" prototyping here and determine if the rule of thumb you're using is going to work.
Overall, our analysis suggests that FOMC projections used in the context of a rule of thumb are quite informative for understanding historical monetary policy, whereas similar analysis based on economic outcomes can often be of much lower value.
How do you begin to pinpoint where exactly you may have a revenue shortfall after noticing that your recovery ratios are less than the noted rule of thumb? Let's first examine common submetering problems such as: 1) submeters are not capturing the entire load, 2) submeters are malfunctioning, and 3) the submetering company is not billing properly.
It's a similar story with newshole, which the rule of thumb states should be at 50% of available space.
Since most policies require CPAs to report to the carrier at the first hint of a potential claim, contacting the carrier from the beginning is a good rule of thumb.
"The rule of thumb is that films are applied to cover the filaments plus about 50% extra thickness for insurance," he says .
As a rule of thumb, for international flights, add on US$100.
The rule of thumb is that heavier items should go toward the top of the pack, closer to your body, while the lighter ones should go to the bottom (as long as they don't get crushed).
A good rule of thumb is to take the best and worse and choose a middle ground.
The rule of thumb for approximating M follows directly from Equation 6:
A good rule of thumb is to only use those store-bought products that contain as few ingredients as possible.