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RBESResults-Based Evaluation System (education; Georgia)
RBESRisk-Based End States (United States Department of Energy)
RBESResidential Building Energy Standards (Vermont)
RBESRule-Based Expert System
RBESResurrection Bay Extension Site (Kenai Peninsula College; Seward, AK)
RBESReactor Building Emergency Sump (US NRC)
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The rule-based expert system looks for activity that mirrors modeled misuse scenarios.
The rules can then be used as a rule-based expert system, as previously discussed.
If task automation or a rule-based expert system is to combine several different pieces of sampled information and make a decision based on them, then the time relationship of these samples must be known.
If you ever bagged groceries when you were a kid, you were behaving as though you were a rule-based expert system.
These limits are stored in a database for alloys and are used in the condition part of the rule-based expert system.
Researchers from Westinghouse and the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, MD, cooperatively developed a rule-based expert system to help smooth out technology transfer in the area of semiconductor manufacturing.
A huge innovation in data science over the past five years has been the ascendance of neural network models, rebranded as deep learning models, over symbolic, rule-based expert systems.
These rule-based expert systems automatically and transparently migrate files between various layers in the hierarchy.
Rule-based expert systems now are able to do the same thing for casualty claims.
They include "CBR can prove successful where database systems or rule-based expert systems have failed" and "It is useful to have existing cases upon which to build a CBR system, but cases can be acquired through knowledge engineering or by a system during use.