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ROEReturn On Equity
ROERegional Office of Education
ROEReport on the Environment (various organizations)
ROERules Of Engagement
ROERetention of Employment
ROERecord of Employment
ROEReturn on Experience (marketing)
ROERunning on Empty
ROEReached on Error (baseball)
ROERoots of Empathy (Canada)
ROERoyal Observatory, Edinburgh (Scotland,UK)
ROERest of Europe
ROERate of Exchange
ROERdma over Gigabit Ethernet
ROERight of Entry
ROERubies of Eventide (game)
ROERegional Office for Europe (UNEP)
ROERoot of Evil
ROERessurection of Evil (gaming, Doom3 Expansion Pack)
ROERecord of Earnings (Canadian pension plan)
ROEReturn on Expectation
ROERosemary Oleoresin Extract
ROERate of Expenditure
ROERaces of Eberron (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
ROERotating-frame Overhauser Enhancement (NMR spectroscopy)
ROERelacao de Ondas Estacionarias
ROERotating Frame Overhauser Effect (spectroscopy)
ROEReport of Excess (GSA)
ROERound One End
ROEReportable Order Event (NASD)
ROERoute of Egress
ROERemote Operating Equipment
ROERapid Oxidation Event
ROEReflector Orbital Experiment
ROERoster Of Exception
ROEReseau Objectif Entreprise
ROERight Otitis Externa
ROEReceive Overrun Error Flag
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The three forces have conducted in-house studies on creating rules of engagement, but the agency decided to set up the panel so that nonmilitary personnel take the lead in creating them.
Your voucher will be exchanged for one pair of tickets to see an early evening showing of Rules of Engagement on Wednesday August 2.
Poe said the rule of law, the rules of engagement, and civility should never be compromised, especially by government forces, 'since it is upon them that the ultimate power and machinery of the State reside.
Thank God we have the ANA (Afghan National Army) here because they have different rules of engagement to us and can smash the enemy," the paper quoted a junior officer commanding a small fort in Sangin, as saying.
Frattini underlined the need to abide by the step-by-step policy of UNIFIL and pointed out that fully applying the rules of engagement in their current form would suffice.
HERE'S a chance to see the brilliant new film Rules of Engagement absolutely free.
The paper also stated that Petraeus must decide in the coming weeks or months whether to recalibrate the stringent rules of engagement laid down last summer by his predecessor, Gen.
Our own military rules of engagement, not the Geneva Convention, will govern the incident in which an American Marine in Iraq shot and killed a wounded terrorist in Fallujah.
The rules of engagement under which our troops fought in Vietnam cost thousands of lives, led to the forced retirement of high-ranking military officers who protested those rules, and ensured victory for the communists.
Under the rules of engagement, they shouted in Serbian the warning: "Nato, stop
Chief among these is who was responsible for issuing rules of engagement authorizing agents to shoot on sight - a practice that, according to an earlier Justice Department inquiry, "departed from the FBI's standard deadly force policy .