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RUSTRemoval of Underground Storage Tanks
RUSTRails under the Stars (Montana snowboarding/skiing event)
RUSTRCRA Underground Storage Tanks (EPA)
RUSTRemote User Scheduling Terminal
RUSTResources and Under Sea Threats (database; US NOAA)
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For," he said, "if I should get caught in the rain, and rust again, I would need the oil-can badly.
I went through gallery after gallery, dusty, silent, often ruinous, the exhibits sometimes mere heaps of rust and lignite, sometimes fresher.
Thus bound, but carefully looked after, inert and powerful, those emblems of hope make company for the look-out man in the night watches; and so the days glide by, with a long rest for those characteristically shaped pieces of iron, reposing forward, visible from almost every part of the ship's deck, waiting for their work on the other side of the world somewhere, while the ship carries them on with a great rush and splutter of foam underneath, and the sprays of the open sea rust their heavy limbs.
The breakthrough in research targeting the stem rust foe historically the most dangerous pathogen of wheat will mean suspect samples could be analysed within hours in an emergency rather than weeks, potentially saving crops from being destroyed.
Of the announcement, Rust Automation & Controls President Grant Rust said, "I am very pleased to be adding the Phoenix Contact line of products to our portfolio.
Rust is a serious problem to applications across all industries, from infrastructure on building and construction sites to general manufacturing equipment.
Coffee leaf rust continues to affect Central American coffee.
District Officer said that rust resistant wheat seed of Galaxy-2013 has been provided in the 926 rural villages of the district.
According to a recent report of pest warning and quality control of pesticides, Aphid attack was witnessed on wheat crop in some area while the Leaf Rust disease traditionally called 'Kungi' was also observed in some other areas last year in Punjab.
The outstanding 345 lines were selected and planted for further evaluation and on the basis of rust reactions, phenotypic uniformity and high yield under the field conditions, 220 lines were selected for further testing.
Rust claims to have a focus on "high-level, bare-metal programming" and this is quite evident once you start exploring the language.
Michael has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges emerging in our rapidly changing marketplace," Rust said in a statement.