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s-CAMs-Complex Assisted Metathesis
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The driver had disconnected the brake chamber linkage, assuming that the S-cam would return to the no-brake position (Figure 1A).
The red arrow in Figure 3 shows the S-cam to be in a position nearly overriding the brake shoe roller.
Figure 5 shows severe thermal damage to the brake lining as a result of the jammed S-cam. The root cause of the failure involves worn out brake linings and drum.
All three are equipped with Quick Draw S-Cam single cams, and they're all relatively light in weight at 3.3 pounds.
Featuring the Quik Draw S-Cam, the BowLogic 34 offers four inches of draw length adjustment between 27 and 30 inches and the choice of 65- or 80-percent letoff.
This bow features the new Quik Draw S-Cam, a smooth-drawing system producing 300-fps IBO speeds, adjustable over five inches of draw length.
These bows are fired by the Quik Draw S-Cam with a full 5 inches of draw length adjustment, and both come standard with Winner's Choice Strings.
The rule is likely to require manufacturers to upgrade today's S-cam air brake systems, especially front brakes, to get more braking torque.
As his presentation progressed, we saw charts comparing tractor stopping distances from 75 mph with traditional S-cam brakes, air disc brakes and with electronically controlled braking systems (ECBS).
while the rear drum units feature an S-cam and measure 15 x 6 in.