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sIFRStockholm Institute for Financial Research (est. 2001; Sweden)
sIFRStrategy for International Fisheries Research (International Development Research Centre; Canada)
sIFRSamar Island Forest Reserve (Philippines)
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Haya commented on the incident on her official page on Instagram and said, "I will not give any thought to what is being said about me, because I am confident of my actions, and I did not do wrong to anyone, and I will not talk about the behind the scenes incidents of my leaving the play "Taht Al Sifr", but despite all that has happened I hold the utmost respect for my fans in Dubai."
For a long time, the scandal which came to be known domestically as "Sifr El Mondial" (The Mondial Zero), was used as a metaphor for all the government's failings, whether in education, health care, fiscal policy, housing or urban development.
Before Islam, Arabs thought that the mythical animal sifr could be transmitted like a disease from one person to another (al-Nawawi 1971, vol.
min dhaalik nastantij 'al 'ati: majmu'u 'al shuHnaat dakhil 'al tajwiif daimen tusawi 'al Sifr.
Sensoy, University of Chicago; and Per Stromberg, SIFR, "What Are Firms ?
satis bellus os sifr agi,If it's yours, you'll win a bottle of Scottish Leader.
Among his works are: Al-Darabukah, Al Tarnima (Hymn), Sifr Al-Matrudine (The Exodus), Al-Araba El-Shabeya (The Folkloric Cart), and Tobool El-Noba (Nubian Drums).
Propagated by Arab mathematicians together with Arabic numerals, it is quite certain that both originated in India, although the word cipher (as well as Ziffer, chiffre, cifra etc.) developed from the Arabic sifr. Besides the meaning "empty," its arithmetical significance of "null" or "zero" in Arabic h as become a key element of our science and technology.