SLDHSerum Lactate Dehydrogenase (isoenzyme)
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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Interception & Diversion Works Including 6 Pumping Stations, Rising Main, Newtappings,Tappings For 6 Drains (Thana Chowk Nala, Chakwari Sthan, Sldh Nath Ghat Dhauranltola Nala, Chlnta Manl Chak Ghat Nala, Mokama Ghat Nalaa) Controlled With Scada & Construction Of Sewage Treatment Plant Of Capactty11 Mu3 Including Disposal & Reuse Facilhy Wrth 2 Months Trial, Run, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance Of Complete System On Design Build Operate (Dbot) Basis & Thereafter Operation & Maintenance For 15 Years For Mokama Town, Bihar, India Document cost : INR 50000 EMD value : INR 6400000 Document Purchase Start date : 05 Jan 2018 Document Purchase End date : 16 Jan 2018 Pre-bid meeting date : 08 Jan 2018 Opening date : 16 Jan 2018