sTNF-RISoluble Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor I
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Bulgular: Serum IL-1 Ra ve sTNF-RI duzeyleri ARA tanili olgularda hem akut donemde hem de remisyonda yas uyumlu saglikli kontrol grubuna gore anlamli yuksek bulunmustur (p=0.
Serum sTNF-RI, IL-I Ra concentrations were measured from blood samples taken on admission before beginning any medication (Group Ia, n=21) and at the end of the following 3 months under treatment (Group Ib, n=15).
Minimum detectable concentrations for sTNF-RI and sIL-IRa was 0.
Serum levels of sTNF-RI and sIL-IRa were significantly different between groups Ia, Ib and controls (p=0.
In our study, sTNF-RI levels were found to be significantly higher in the peripheral blood of ARF patients on admission and after receiving adequate therapy when compared to healthy controls.
No significant difference was observed in sTNF-RI and IL-1Ra levels between these two patient groups.