sTRSVSatellite RNA (ribonucleic acid) of Tobacco Ringspot Virus
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The combined time required for moving the packed Cholesky factor to the CPU and performing strsv is much less than that for the GPU algorithms.
The fragment from STRSV that computes x [right arrow], [A.sup.-1] x for unit stride in array x in case matrix A is lower triangular is shown in Figure 21.
Band scheme: IF (NOUNIT) X(J) = X(J) / DN1_A(J, 0) TEMP = X (J) DO I = J+1, MIN0(N, J+5) X(I) = X(I) - TEMP * DN1_A(J,I-J) ENDDO In Figure 22, we compare the execution times for A = [E.sup.f](n, 5) of a model implementation and an optimized implementation of STRSV (Model Dense and Opt.