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SABERSounding of the Atmosphere Using Broadband Emission Radiometry
SABERSituational Awareness Beacon with Reply
SABERSimplified Acquisition of Base Engineer Requirements
SABERSwing Arm Beam Erector
SABERStudent Advocates for Business and Environmental Responsibility
SABERSemiautomatic Business Reservation Environment
SABERSounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometers
SABERNickname for HQ USAF Programs Usually to Evaluate New Systems
SABERSales Administrative Business Empowerment Resource
SABERSurface Analysis Branch for Evaluation and Reporting (US DoD)
SABERSales and Business Enterprise Reporting
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The gold medals were won by Ines Boubakri (foil), Fares Ferjani (saber), Azza Besbes (saber) and Tunisia' men team (saber).
Cadet First Class Carlo Canlas, ranked fifth, will receive the Philippine Air Force saber.
News reports have it that the Mamma-to-be intends on giving birth either in Beirut or Dubai, not Tunisia, as Saber's work commitments require him to be in one of those two beautiful cities for the majority of the time.
"I have accepted the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture during this historical period," Saber Arab said, adding that the current situation "is one of the toughest periods experienced by Egypt during its modern history".
?Es el saber-como, de suyo, una forma de saber, independiente del saber-que?
Maxine Reed, 96th Air Base Wing lead strategic planner, attended the SABER RIE last month and she had one word for the experience: "Awesome!"
This is an unjust ruling, they have nothing against the boy," said Kariman Meseeha, Saber's mother, who was in tears after the verdict was announced.
Saber said that 'Rotana' gives him great freedom in choosing his songs and that his relation with the company is very good.
Al-Marg Misdemeanour Court set 28 November for the verdict session for the trial of Saber, a political activist accused of "contempt of religion" and spreading ideas that could lead to sectarian strife.
Al -Marg Misdemeanour Court postponed political activist Alber Saber's case until 17 October with Saber remaining under preventive detention on Wednesday.