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SABERSounding of the Atmosphere Using Broadband Emission Radiometry
SABERSituational Awareness Beacon with Reply
SABERSimplified Acquisition of Base Engineer Requirements
SABERSwing Arm Beam Erector
SABERStudent Advocates for Business and Environmental Responsibility
SABERSemiautomatic Business Reservation Environment
SABERSounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometers
SABERNickname for HQ USAF Programs Usually to Evaluate New Systems
SABERSales Administrative Business Empowerment Resource
SABERSurface Analysis Branch for Evaluation and Reporting (US DoD)
SABERSales and Business Enterprise Reporting
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In addition to West Virginia, Saber Partners has served as the financial advisor to state commissions in Wisconsin, Florida, Texas and New Jersey.
Nitin Khanna, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saber Consulting, said, "We have found in Accel-KKR a number of key attributes that we felt were essential in a financial partner: Experience in the public sector IT space; a proven track record of partnering closely with family-owned businesses; and an unparalleled network of business relationships.
For each and every offering in which Saber Partners has been the advisor, new issue pricing spreads have set record low levels.
We are delighted that Fulcrum chose NPTest SABER to be a strategic outsourcing partner in bringing up their first device," stated Tom Ho, vice president and general manager, SABER, NPTest.
We look forward to a strong relationship with Saber in Kentucky and in other states where Saber owns cemeteries.
David Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saber Management, said, "We are pleased with the prospect of adding these cemeteries to our growing cemetery portfolio.
SABER experts take electrical performance data directly from the nets and transistors of the device using advanced diagnostic technologies.
We are extremely pleased to be linked with a distribution partner with the quality reputation of Saber Enterprises," said Bob Davis, director of marketing for HBM.
Sabine Ohler of Vienna, Austria has joined Saber Partners, LLC (www.