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He did not name countries that authorities believe are behind the sabotage and the recruitment effort.
Nearby bonfire or sabotage could have caused the blaze
National Unity Assembly also condemned acts of sabotage and said "it aimed to spoil the ambience of festivities marking the National Action Charter anniversary and mar the dialogue climate.
The report pointed to the use of some persons and groups to fire arms and their assault on innocent people at areas that did not witness demonstrations and sabotage events at the outskirt of the National Capital.
In a statement to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), he slammed the exploitation and incitement of school students to perpetrate acts of violence and sabotage.
It was an act of attempted sabotage of a global company that produces more than 9 million barrels of oil a day and supplies the markets of Saudi Arabia and the world.
The security reports on damage showed that the regrettable sabotage acts resulted in destroying 61 vehicles belonging to the embassy and burning 13 other cars, in addition to damaging the embassy's gates, guard rooms along with guard equipment.
According to eyewitnesses, the sabotage act was preceded by exchanges of gunfire between guards of Yemen LNG company and Al Qaeda fighters.
University of British Columbia research shows that managers should keep team members connected and engaged to avoid workplace sabotage.
Verizon has repaired at least 12 acts of sabotage to its communications facilities in four states, starting Saturday (Aug.
Athens -- PNN - The ten ships of Freedom Flotilla Two, as a result of diplomatic arm-twisting and sabotage have faced a variety of setbacks as they attempt to break the Israeli siege on Gaza.
Rik and the rest of his fellow passengers are crew learned of the sabotage, which was potentially life-threatening, only by chance during a routine trial run.