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SACHETSociety for the Advancement of Community Health Education and Training (Pakistan)
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Malawi's government is under intense pressure from NGOs to ban the packaging and sale of strong spirits in small sachets, which they say promote antisocial behaviour and under-age drinking.
Joanne Colquhoun can't look at beans, Tammy Henderson thinks door handles stare at her (the two screws on top are the eyes) and Samantha Henson is scared of the freshness sachet in shoes and bags.
Nanda Desai, Alpen Brand Manager said: "The launch of the new Alpen muesli sachets came as a result of our efforts to make Alpen more accessible.
As a truly versatile package, the sachet not only delivers convenience and adaptability to the consumer but also to manufacturers.
The coffee mixture had been distributed in sachets nationwide.
This study was undertaken to determine the bacteriological quality of sachet water popularly known as "pure water" produced and sold in
Sepha's new sachet leak tester for pharmaceutical and medical packs, Pakscan, identifies leaks in single or multiple non-porous sachets, pouches or other flexible packs.
With a note to readers assuring them that her characters are not based on real persons, Sexton--the former finance director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee--tracks the meteoric rise of the so-called "Big Money Babe of the Republican Senate," as Sachet works her way up from White House intern to the second most powerful lobbyist in Washington.
MATERIALS: For the sachet, gather a handkerchief (reuse an antique piece) or fabric scrap (about a 12-inch square) with hemmed edges, bulk lavender (available at herbal supply stores and natural groceries), and ribbon (about ten inches).
She said: "I used it to bless the car and put the empty sachet in the side pocket of the back passenger door.
Set this serene-smelling sachet on the bedside, and you'll be off to Dreamland.