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sspSystem Support Program
sspSystem Safety Program
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sspSacrospinous (ligaments)
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sspSpecial Some Pony
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sspSound Speed Profile
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sspSennett Security Products (USA philatelic magazine)
sspSystem Service Provider
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sspSpecial Surveillance Program (US Navy)
sspScout/Sniper Platoon (U.S. Marine Corps unit)
sspSplit Spectrum Processing
sspSociety of Scholarly Publishers
sspSaving Shelter Pets (Granger, IN)
sspSpecial Scientific Programs (Alexandria University; Egypt)
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sspStressed Skin Panel
sspSystem Switch Processor
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sspStringent Starvation Protein
sspStop Smoking Program
sspService Support Program
sspSiemens Schottel Propulsor (Ship propulsion systems)
sspSale Solicitation Process
sspSyndicat des Sophrologues Professionnels (French: Professional Sophrologists Union)
sspStudent Sponsor Partners (New York, NY)
sspSong Show Plus
sspSingle Stroke Pneumatic (airgun)
sspSwitch Signaling Point
sspSystem Safety Plan
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sspSuper Smarty Pants
sspStockpile Stewardship Plan
sspScientific Services Program
sspSecure Single-Path (communications protocol)
sspSpatial Smoothing Preprocessing
sspScanning Spectral Polarimeter
sspState Synchronization Protocol (Cisco)
sspSingle Stock Point
sspSpeed, Style and Performance (car and truck club; Florida)
sspService Signaling Point
sspSingle Side Polish (semiconductor wafers)
sspSwiss Society of Psychology (est. 1943)
sspShared Segment Protection
sspSupplemental Security Payment
sspSystem Security Profile
sspSingle-Shot Probability
sspSubsystem Prohibited message (ANSI & ITU-T)
sspSystem Support Plan
sspStable Semisubmerged Platform
sspSidecar Safety Program (motorcycles)
sspSwitch Support Package
sspSoftware Support Package
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sspStar/Sky Photometry
sspSSBN Security Program
sspSubsurface Science Program
sspSupplemental Sampling Plan (soil/water contamination)
sspSiemens Switching Processor
sspSignal Service Point
sspSpecial Separation Pay
sspSuper-Scalar Processor
sspSACEUR Scheduled Program
sspStandard Shipyard Procedure (Newport News Shipbuilding)
sspSocial Sector Portal (Trinidad & Tobago)
sspScheduled Strike Program
sspSecondary Spare Part
sspSystem-Specific Procedure(s)
sspStars Standards Portfolio
sspStockpile Sampling Plan
sspSippah-e- Sahaba Pakistan
sspSpecialty Services Pavillion (Nebraska Medical Center)
sspSecondary Stock Point
sspSplit-Step Pade (acoustic propagation)
sspSecure Site Programme
sspSociety of St. Paul, Pauline Fathers and Brothers (religious order)
sspStandards and Standardization Panel
sspSosarian Socialist Party (Ultima Online guild)
sspSensor-to-Shooter Processor
sspSite Survey Payload
sspShip's Stores Profit (US Navy)
sspSwitch Software Processor
sspStentor Settlement Plan (Canada)
sspSecurity Specialist Professional
sspShortage Specialty Pay
sspSystem Support Package/Processor
sspSouth Shore Philharmonic (Lynbrook, NY)
sspStatic Selfpotential
sspShared Sub-Path
sspSub-Segment Profitability
sspService Sport Promotion (French: Sport Promotion Service)
sspScouting Sea Plane (US Navy)
sspSteerable Ship Propulsor (maritime steerable propulsion systems; Siemens)
sspStore Ship Pack
sspSupplemental Sensor Processor/Processing
sspSelect Synchronization Port
sspSlave Supervisory
sspSingle Source Process
sspSystems and Special Projects
sspSesquicentennial State Park
sspSensitive Systems Policy (US DHS)
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Sacrospinous ligaments anterior apical anchoring for needle-guided mesh is a safe option: a cadaveric study.
excision of endometriotic nidus and separation of pelvic cavity adhesion) was performed for the control group, while regular operation and sacrospinous ligament excision were conducted for the observation group.
In this surgical technique, the bilateral sacrospinous ligament is suspended by using surgical staples.
In TVM surgery using the Capio device, arms of mesh can be driven through the sacrospinous ligament from both the anterior and posterior sites without the need for TVM needles or skin incisions.
Number of Stiffness Position of pelvic ligaments elements (N/m) [28] Anterior sacroiliac ligament 14 700 Short posterior sacroiliac ligament 8 400 Long posterior sacroiliac ligament 6 1000 Interosseous sacroiliac ligament 22 2800 Sacroiliac ligament nodes 6 1500 Sacrospinous ligament [28] 6 1400 Pubic ligament [40] 8 543 Iliofemoral ligament [41] 30 3000 Table 7: Values of [F.sub.max], [C.sub.max], and [E.sub.peak] in the different velocities.
The Elevate Ant mesh is fixed using hooks in the sacrospinous ligament on either side, unlike the Perigee mesh, which crosses through the obturator muscle just over the ischial spine (Figure).
Ischemic compression was applied to the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments and the surrounding hip and pelvic musculature.
This may be accomplished vaginally with uterocervical suspension to the sacrospinous ligament or with a hysterectomy followed by a high suspension to the uterosacral ligaments, or to one or both sacrospinous ligaments.
Slowiket al., "The sacrotuberous and the sacrospinous ligament--a virtual reconstruction," Annals of Anatomy, vol.
The vaginal vault defect was closed, and a vaginopexy to the sacrospinous ligament was performed using polydioxanone.
(1) Pudendal nerve can be compressed when it passes between sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments or within the Alcock canal.
In the last several years, suspension of the prolapsed vaginal vault to the sacrospinous ligament has gained popularity in this country having previously been described in the European literature.