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SAIDSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug
SAIDSecurity Associations Id
SAIDSecurity Association Identifier (Cisco)
SAIDSpecific Adaptation to Imposed Demand
SAIDSexual Allegations in Divorce
SAIDSubstance Abuse Information Database (US DOL)
SAIDService Agreement ID
SAIDSally Anne Is Dancing (spelling mnemonic)
SAIDSafety Analysis Input Data
SAIDScattering Analysis Interactive Dialin
SAIDSAFE (Selected Area For Evasion) Area Intelligence Description (combat search and rescue)
SAIDStrategic Architecture and Infrastructure Development
SAIDSealed Array of Identical Disks (Atrato)
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I am quite ready to do battle at your side, he said.
At last one of the ladies took so much fancy to me that she would have me home to her house, for a month, she said, to be among her daughters.
Now, though this was exceeding kind in her, yet, as my old good woman said to her, unless she resolved to keep me for good and all, she would do the little gentlewoman more harm than good.
I was no sooner carried away, as I have said, by this good gentlewoman, but the first lady, that is to say, the Mayoress that was, sent her two daughters to take care of me; and another family which had taken notice of me when I was the little gentlewoman, and had given me work to do, sent for me after her, so that I was mightily made of, as we say; nay, and they were not a little angry, especially madam the Mayoress, that her friend had taken me away from her, as she called it; for, as she said, I was hers by right, she having been the first that took any notice of me.
By this means I had, as I have said above, all the advantages of education that I could have had if I had been as much a gentlewoman as they were with whom I lived; and in some things I had the advantage of my ladies, though they were my superiors; but they were all the gifts of nature, and which all their fortunes could not furnish.
Nay,' says he, ''tis so far from talking harm of her, that we have been talking a great deal of good, and a great many fine things have been said of Mrs.
Women can have it all, but perhaps not all at once," Kineke said.
At the current rate of climate change, carbon trapped in Yacutian soil will be released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, accelerating global warming, Zimov said in the May 5, 2005 Science.
He had tears in his eyes as he said, "'I was beginning to think no one noticed.
What would happen, he says, if, for example, you've got a situation and you are trying to work out what the answer is, you would do a search to see what you thought the standard said.
For example, the ABC-CLIO Website, a history reference site, allows teachers to download reams of primary sources and have students learn what slaves really said to each other, or what slave owners said to slaves, Fulton says.
Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, was hauled off the convention floor for unveiling a banner that said, "End the Occupation of Iraq.