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S/VSailboat (US DoD)
S/VSailing Vessel
S/VSpace Vehicle (more commony seen as SV)
S/VSe Vende (Spanish: for sale)
S/VService Vessel
S/VSurface to Volume
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She would not consent to go in the same vessel with me, and it had been deemed best that she take a sailing vessel in order to avoid observation and lessen the risk of detection.
The indigenously-built INSV Tarini is a 56-foot sailing vessel, which was inducted in the Indian Navy last year and the voyage is described as a showcase of the 'Make in India' initiative on an International forum.
Kochi (Kerala) [India], Jan 19 ( ANI ): The Indian Navy's first all-women crew of Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini, which was flagged-off from Goa in September, has rounded the Cape Horn through the Drake Passage, early Friday morning.
Bhaya of the Salaya Sailing Vessel Owners Association to Indian envoy Sharat Sabharwal on June 25.
The Stout is named after a famous 19th century clipper ship, the fastest sailing vessel of her time.
7 -- After the successful completion of the first solo circumnavigation of the world (Sagar Parikrama I) by Cdr Dilip Donde in 2009-10, an assisted journey with four stops and completed in 276 days, Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Mhadei is now undertaking the second solo circumnavigation of the globe under sail, named Sagar Parikrama II, skippered by Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy in an unassisted, non-stop voyage.
ALL SHAPES AND SIZES: Sailing vessel types range from one-man dinghies (like the eight-foot Optimist used in Sarasota Youth Sailing classes) to 40-foot boats manned by teams of eight to 10 people.
But the weeks-old row over the sailing vessel appear far from resolved.
The sailing vessel spent two and a half years and 70,000 miles tracking plankton - tiny organisms that drift in huge fields with the ocean currents.
The design objective of the FOSCAT was to create a new and alternative sailing vessel that would achieve a lightweight system, high sail performance, and all-weather navigation capacity with near zero emissions.
Barry Dock itself has remained empty except for two or three cargo ships and the annual festival, which I attended as a captain of a sailing vessel.
Coastguards said the alarm was raised by the crew of a passing sailing vessel after they heard the spaniel barking and saw the man lying injured.