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SALESingapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise
SALESingle Army Logistics Enterprise
SALESubglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration
SALESkye and Lochalsh Enterprise (UK; marketing group)
SALESoftware Architecture for Language Engineering
SALESpecial Ammunition Logistical Element
SALESacrificial Aluminum Etching
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Bulstrode had particularly wished to have a certain picture--a "Supper at Emmaus," attributed in the catalogue to Guido; and at the last moment before the day of the sale Mr.
Clare servants; and the gentleman to whom they belong, and to whom the money for their sale is to be transmitted, is a member of a Christian church in New York, who will receive the money, and go thereafter to the sacrament of his Lord and theirs, and think no more of it.
The sale was at the old house in Russell Square, where we passed some evenings together at the beginning of this story.
The man who had brought me for sale now put in his word.
It was three-cornered, like a cut of cheese lying on its side: on the walls were pictures of women in corsets, and two poster-proofs, one of a man in pyjamas, green and white in large stripes, and the other of a ship in full sail ploughing an azure sea: on the sail was printed in large letters `great white sale.
I can't ever get it out of my memory, the sight of them poor miserable girls and niggers hanging around each other's necks and crying; and I reckon I couldn't a stood it all, but would a had to bust out and tell on our gang if I hadn't knowed the sale warn't no account and the niggers would be back home in a week or two.
For the present, make me out a contract of sale, payment to be made in four days.
There was no record of a later sale to Alvan Creede.
He said nothing to her that night about the bill of sale and the application to Mrs.
After having sought for a few minutes, he stopped at a leaf which had several notes, and compared them with the deed of sale, which lay on the table.
On the morrow he would make out the bill of sale and I could enter into possession.
And the idea that he might be let on by his interests, that he might seek a reconciliation with his wife on account of the sale of the forest--that idea hurt him.