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SALEPSupervised Alternative Learning for Excused Pupils
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Flavoured powder drinks and salep (under other plant-based hot drinks) are not expected to see major new product launches which would affect the growth of the category.
After a short trip to Turkey's Mount Olympus, having taken part in vigorous and delirious rounds of snow-fighting and having drunk innumerable cups of hot Turkish tea and Salep, we found ourselves utterly flushed but also, surprisingly, quite re-energised.
They work in mines, construction sites, factories and other unfavourable places and engage in "3D jobs" (dirty, dangerous and disdained) and "SALEP jobs" (shunned by all the citizens except the poor).
Turkish orchids and Salep. Acta Pharmaceutica Turcica 44, 151-157.Soil Survey Staff.
(2004) Rheological properties of reconstituted hot salep beverage.
987827 Spring water, boza (a traditional Turkish drink made of millet), salep (Turkish hot drink made from finely ground tubers of orchids, milk and sugar); all included in Class 32.
As a matter of fact, many of the jobs left to migrants are the "3D jobs" (dirty, dangerous, and disdained) and "SALEP jobs" (shunned by all the citizens except the poor).
Therefore, SALEP enters the empirical estimation in natural-log form.
It is currently up for salep One of the few major buildings to survive is the old Concert Hall in Lord Nelson Street.
pubescens, which is used in herbal medicine and is listed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1983, and Ophyris insectifera used in "salep" for Turkish delight and ice cream.
Salep Ice Cream - This ice cream is not sold anywhere else in the world.