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SALSons of the American Legion
SALSurface Air Lift
SALStructural Adjustment Loan (development aid)
SALSave A Lot
SALSociety of Antiquaries of London
SALSystem Abstraction Layer
SALAtlantic Salmon (FAO fish species code)
SALSterility Assurance Level
SALSingapore Academy of Law (Singapore)
SALSemi-Active Laser
SALSaharan Air Layer
SALStrategic Arms Limitation
SALSons of American Legion (auxilary of the American Legion)
SALShift Arithmetic Left
SALSeattle Arts & Lectures (Washington)
SALSafeguards Analytical Laboratory (IAEA)
SALSuid Afrikaanse Lugdiens (South African Airways)
SALSymbolic Assembly Language
SALSpatial Aggregation Language (computer programming)
SALSupport Airlift
SALSecurity Access Level
SALSymbolic Analysis Laboratory
SALSingle Anchor Loading
SALSociété Astronomique de Lyon (French: Astronomical Society of Lyon)
SALScalable Application Language)
SALSecurity Access List
SALSuomen Apteekkariliitto (Association of Finnish Pharmacists)
SALStato Avanzamento Lavoro (Italian)
SALSingle Article Limit (insurance)
SALService Activity Log (timesheet)
SALSociete Anonyme Libanaise (French)
SALStandard Aero Limited
SALsmall arms locker (US DoD)
SALScreening Action Level
SALState Audit Law
SALSynthetic Aperture Ladar
SALSemantic Abstraction Layer
SALStrategic ALCM Launcher
SALSimple Algebraic Language
SALSystem Allocator
SALScottish Aviation Limited
SALShop Airlines (eBay partner, Japan)
SALSpectral Analysis Laboratory
SALSpecial Ammunition Load
SALSan Salvador, El Salvador - El Salvadore International Airport (Airport Code)
SALShipboard/Site Allowance List
SALSite Applicability List
SALSubmarine Alerting & Locating (Buoy)
SALSouth Atlantic League (Minor League Baseball)
SALSmart Active Label
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Class salutatorian is Isabella Mast, the daughter of Shane and Steffani Mast of Drain.
There are a lot of performances and things that bring people together,'' said Kim Claffey, senior class president and this year's salutatorian.
Salutatorian Aysia Killingbeck-Davidson is the daughter of Alicia and Waylon Davidson, of Oakridge, and William Killingbeck, of Culver.
School officials believe the original change was made more than a decade ago to give students - not just those in college-prep classes - an equal chance to become valedictorian or salutatorian.
Brennan the salutatorian, second highest academic rank, of Leicester High School class of 2012.
But the 17-year-old fraternal twins from Rosamond High School do have in common a talent for academics: Jeremy is valedictorian and Jason salutatorian for the Class of 1999.
Salutatorian Anastasiya Prymolenna, daughter of Matthew and Liudmyla Wilson, plans to study chemistry at Oregon State University with a goal of attending medical school and becoming a surgeon.
2) At far left, salutatorian Sonia Lee delivers her remarks as graduates sit under a balloon arch noting their class year.
Salutatorian Lela Cook, daughter of Mindy Fisher, plans to study genetics at the University of Nevada Reno.
Olsen also wrote: "Oliver Jenkins, of Stow, is the salutatorian for the class of 2012.
If you work really hard, eventually you'll reach your goal,'' said Acacio, a salutatorian with a 4.