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SAMPLESituation Awareness Model for Pilot-in-the-Loop Evaluation (various locations)
SAMPLESimulation and Modeling of Profiles in Lithography and Etching (computing program)
SAMPLESociety of Aerospace Materials and Process Engineers
SAMPLESigns/Symptoms, Allergies, Medications, Pertinent Past History, Last Oral Intake, Events Leading to Injury or Illness (brief medical history)
SAMPLESolar Array Materials Passive LDEF (Long Duration Exposure Facility) Experiment (US NASA)
SAMPLESymptoms; Allergies; Medications; Prior history; Last meal Eaten (events leading up to injury/illness)
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Many qualitative researchers state that sample size and sampling are not issues in qualitative research.
The adult sample consisted of 64 females (60%) and 43 males (40%).
For scientists and academics engaged in field work, accurately identifying and tracking the samples they collect for later study is a key part of the scientific method, as well as one of the most cumbersome duties if they're working with scores of samples.
We illustrate the capability of the instrument with polarized SUSANS spectra of an as-cast [Fe.sub.73][Al.sub.5][Ga.sub.2][P.sub.8][C.sub.5][B.sub.4][Si.sub.3] ribbon sample (Fig.
The nanoparticle test can sense just a few dozen molecules of ADDL in a sample, making it a million times as sensitive as any other technique, the team reports in an upcoming Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Although the relatively small size of the sexually experienced Hispanic sample was a limitation of the study, our results included only data for which unweighted cell sizes were five or greater.
Two samples of each blend were mixed and then compacted in the gyratory compactor to 50 gyrations, which is the standard compaction level for lightly traveled roads and streets.
Because forensic geologists must be aware of the context and source of the samples examined, investigators should ensure that they remove earth material from clothing, vehicles, or other sources with extreme care, ensuring preservation of the original sample.
Thin sections were prepared in the vertical direction where sample orientation is known.
It's designed to extrude test samples from very small amounts of developmental materials -- 5 to 10 g/hr.
It would be careless to overlook the relevance of the answering-machine sample to its moment in time.
The topic of diversity was integrated into the coursework required of education majors, although this sample was still in the process of completing that coursework.