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SANERSouth African Network for Economic Research
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He has beautifully represented the aspirations of the saner elements on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC).
At the brink of an abyss into self-destruction, South Sudan has pulled itself back to be on saner ground.
As the peace talks with the Taliban came to an end - an eventuality predicted by the saner elements in Pakistan- it finally dawned on the government to utilize the services of the eighth largest army in the world to deal with the militancy problem.
And so a longing for smaller, saner housing stock is growing.
Despite the constant hijackings, in that somehow saner America both the public and the airlines vigorously rejected federally mandated security measures that would inconvenience travelers or aggressively intrude on personal privacy.
I would join David in asking that, perhaps, PVA might want to start lobbying for saner, more realistic ADA regulations.
Ecetin Saner, who threatened to impale then Interior Minister Meral AkE-ener during the Feb.
But the more she looks at the world, the saner she feels...
Saner I thought that after she has found the new love of her life and been at her happiest in years, how cruel it would have been if the outcome was different.
The President's statement reflects a saner and more sensible drug policy, and a step away from the decades long failed war on drugs," he added.
In this update of the 2008 edition, Saner (organization and international management, U.