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SARGESurveillance and Reconnaissance Ground Equipment (unmanned ground vehicle)
SARGEState Alliance for Recovery and General Education (North Carolina)
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Although the sarge was only half Big Jock's size, he proved that the skill and training of the British Army is second to none.
After an hour, both hunters' prayers were answered when Sarge slowly made his way toward the bait.
It was such an honor having Sarge there each day of the conference, sharing his wisdom and sense of history and true to his nature, incredibly open and accessible to the Volunteers and other attendees.
Sarge McClintock have opened a Wenatchee office to house eight additional agents under their license.
The pair sat sixth in the nine-horse field after the first half-mile, took the lead early in the stretch and then withstood a closing surge by Salute the Sarge.
Finding the encampment deserted and evidence of foul play, Sarge leads most of his unit into the hills to investigate, leaving behind pacifist Napoleon (Michael McMillian) and beautiful 19-year-old enlistee Amber (Jessica Stroup) as look-outs.
A unit of National Guards and their gruff commanding officer, Sarge (Alexander) head into the desert to deliver supplies to a team of scientists.
It has a longstanding and well-earned reputation for killing all out of proportion to its recoil (something about which the Sarge was concerned for bench shooting) is much more readily available in both loaded ammo and components than the .
But it isn't until Luther wins the science fair, with a project on the dangers of lead paint that attracts media attention and dangerously infuriates the Sarge (she uses it on her properties, to save money), and realizes that the Sarge hasn't been putting away money for him for college for him after all, that he decides to break away.
But the Sunday Mail has been able to get a sneak preview, with pictures of Valiant, his mentor Sarge and best pal Bugsy.
Bucking the Sarge by Christopher Paul Curtis, read by Michael Boatman, Random House, September 2004 $26,ISBN 1-400-00903-0 Unabridged cassette and CD.