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The more trivial sort imitated the actions of meaner persons, at first composing satires, as the former did hymns to the gods and the praises of famous men.
This satire Wyatt wrote while living quietly in the country, having barely escaped with his life from the King's wrath.
Hereupon Dryden, at the suggestion, it is said, of the king, and with the purpose of securing Shaftesbury's conviction, put forth the First Part of 'Absalom and Achitophel,' a masterly satire of Shaftesbury, Monmouth, and their associates in the allegorical disguise of the (somewhat altered) Biblical story of David and Absalom.
The contempt which fell upon the Puritans as a deposed and unpopular party found stinging literary expression in one of the most famous of English satires, Samuel Butler's 'Hudibras.' Butler, a reserved and saturnine man, spent much of his uneventful life in the employ
'Hudibras,' which appeared in three parts during a period of fifteen years, is written, like previous English satires, in rough-and-ready doggerel verse, in this case verse of octosyllabic couplets and in the form of a mock-epic.
The golden age of satire? Late-Georgian satirical prints, is on display at Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire from this Saturday until Sunday, October 6.
Tolerance of satire (or lack thereof) is a good indicator of the health of a functional democracy.
Selections from Horace Satires: An Edition for Intermediate Students: I.1 Lines 1-12, 28-100; I.3 Lines 25-75; II.2 Lines 1-30, 70-111
"I always enjoy satire. Whether I enjoy satire about myself, we'll have to see.
The post Saudi Arabia declares heavy penalties for offensive satire on social media appeared first on
Media reports suggest that Facebook is already coming down heavily on some satire news organisations, triggering spirited reactions from some publishers.
The problem here is that some bits of satire are just in bad taste.