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Besides, it is well known that acknowledgments, explanations, and compensations are often accepted as satisfactory from a strong united nation, which would be rejected as unsatisfactory if offered by a State or confederacy of little consideration or power.
Had this not been the case, the face of their proceedings exhibits a proof equally satisfactory.
You must squeeze them, sir, or our connection will not continue to be as satisfactory as I could wish it to be to all parties.
Besides calling much too often to inquire for Mrs Clennam, Mrs Clennam, who is not just now in circumstances that are by any means calculated to--to be satisfactory to all parties, she goes, Mr Pancks, unless I am much deceived, to inquire for Mr Clennam in jail.
Nothing here, Mr Richard, Sir, all perfectly satisfactory.
Tho' certainly nothing could to any reasonable Being, have appeared more satisfactory, than so gratefull a reply to her invitation, yet I know not how it was, but she was certainly capricious enough to be displeased with our behaviour and in a few weeks after, either to revenge our Conduct, or releive her own solitude, married a young and illiterate Fortune- hunter.
Your account of Sir James is most satisfactory, and I mean to give Miss Frederica a hint of my intentions very soon.
But still I acknowledge that I am perplexed when I hear the voices of Thrasymachus and myriads of others dinning in my ears; and, on the other hand, I have never yet heard the superiority of justice to injustice maintained by any one in a satisfactory way.
And in the whole arsenal of his convictions, so far from finding any satisfactory answers, he was utterly unable to find anything at all like an answer.
Having settled this satisfactory plan of future conduct in reference to Mr.
In the South and North Caucasus federal districts, on January 10-20, the average daily air temperature was 2-5 degrees below normal, but the conditions for wintering the plants remained mostly satisfactory.
According to the poll of the State Statistical Office, the economic situation of companies in May 2014 was more satisfactory than in the previous month.