SATRStreak and the Raven (Finnish band)
SATRSelf Assessment Tax Return
SATRSagittarius Arm Tangent Region (astronomy)
SATRSubstance Abuse Treatment and Recovery (Kansas)
SATRSynthetic Aperture Targeting Radar
SATRSplendor and the Resistance (band)
SATRSmall Arms Transmitter Receiver (gaming)
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Specifically, the reculturation model allows counselors to offer validation and normalization of SATr identity development process.
To elucidate the workings of the regulatory track, I analyzed the dialogue between the Israeli regulator of the commercial television channels (SATR) and Israeli cultural challengers.
1850), known to history as the Bib, it is argued that the qamis of Joseph represents a power equivalent to the satr of the tomb of the Prophet.
With four dedicated zones - two outdoor and two indoor, suitable for all ages from seven years upwards - it uses state-of-the-art SATR technology to provide a fully immersive, authentic battlefield experience, based on the top selling computer games.
"With the help of NGOs we trained 950 women who now offer high quality products to markets," said Abdul Satr Ashha, a MAIL official in Nangarhar Province.
Our rating for Saturn Research & Production Association (RTS: SATR) is currently under review.
"The party constitution does not classify the party as Indian-based," The Satr quoted him, as saying.
To examine fourth-graders' views on reading for enjoyment, PIRLS 2001 created an index of Students' Attitudes Toward Reading (SATR).
Box 355, Bonner Springs, KS 66012 * Phone: 913-721-5355 * Fax: 913-721-5068 * * * Jeffrey Benz, Owner/CEO * Terri Benz, Owner * Gaylen Burrow * Chuck Dupin * David Eshelman * Ernest Hale * Maggie Jenkins, SATR * Gloria Nepote * Charlie Ray, SATR * German Zhitlovsky
The following school level indicators were used in the model; STUD_Y (percentage of students enrolled for the entire school year), FREE_L (percentage of students on free or reduced-cost lunches), TEACH_R (percentage of teachers at the school for [greater than] 5 years), CLSRM (percentage of classrooms relative to Department of Education facility standards), and SATR (percentage of students scoring above average stanine on the SAT in reading).
Satr Dhaiwal (left) auditions singers Amy Hedges and Ashwin Rathod