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SAVSport Activity Vehicle
SAVService Après-Vente (French: customer service)
SAVSaved (File Name Extension)
SAVSubmerged Aquatic Vegetation
SAVSlovenská Akadémia Vied
SAVSports Activity Vehicle (BMW)
SAVSophos Anti-Virus
SAVSymantec Anti-Virus (now Norton Anti-Virus)
SAVStaff Assistance Visit
SAVSender Address Verification
SAVStart of Active Video (ITU-R Bt.656-4)
SAVSavannah, GA, USA - Travis Field (Airport Code)
SAVState Audit of Vietnam
SAVStudents Against Violence (Saint Paul, MN)
SAVStock At Value
SAVSource Address Verification
SAVSemi-Annual Vegetation
SAVSpecial Assistance Visit
SAVSpecified Anniversary Value
SAVSource Approval Verification
SAVSite Assistant Visit (US TSA)
SAVState-of-the-Atmosphere Variables
SAVStrike Attack Vector
SAVSecurity Assistance Visit
SAVSafe Airspace Volume (volume of airspace in which it is safe to operate an unmanned air vehicle)
SAVStrike Attack Vertical
SAVSelf Adhesive Vinyl
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This backup is saved when you save the spreadsheet with new changes incorporated.
And indeed that's the nub of Cameron's story--that a wild and generous-hearted young artist from steerage saved a poor little rich girl trapped in first class.
Added Grubb: "The ability to find anything you have saved by recalling a few words in the article, rather than just the title or topic, is the key to truly making it easy for you to find what you have saved.
I saved something out of every paycheck I got, no matter how small it was," said Dawson in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE in March 2000 (see, "Saving Your Way to Wealth," March 2000).
Sinister Spender drowns in a sea of coins - the compounded interest of a single saved penny.
We reckon as little as PS5 saved here and there - from takeaway coffees to washing powder and even a tin of paint - soon adds up to a tidy sum.
It's no secret that the majority of the $601 billion in earned money income by black households in 2001 was spent on everything from rent and groceries to computers and cars--with very little of these earnings saved or invested.
How much you'll need depends upon how well-off you want to be, how much you've already saved, how long you have until retirement, and whether your employer matches part of your savings.
For simplicity, all attachments can be saved automatically to a single user assigned folder.
According to the 2001 Retirement Confidence Survey, Fletcher is one of the 31% of African American workers who have nothing saved toward retirement, versus 19% of all American workers.