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SAVERSociety for the Advancement of Veterinary Education and Research (Philippines)
SAVERStudy to Assess & Validate Essential Reports
SAVERSystematic Approach to Vital Emergency Response (International Centre for Emergency Techniques; Netherlands)
SAVERSurgical Anterior Ventricular Endocardial Restoration (cardiology)
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Some challengers have entered the fray with "limited edition" accounts, which savers should consider carefully and quickly, Moneyfacts said.
The data saver feature will only work when a user is on their cellular network.
IESCO officials will visit door to door to deliver two energy savers to consumers against receipt of two ordinary bulbs.
But five years on from the collapse of Northern Rock, savers might be struggling to join in the general euphoria.
Through our research, we have observed that the saver segment is neither exclusive to baby boomers nor to high net worth individuals.
There was some scepticism in the media about whether - in the age of internet banking - savers really wanted a simple, traditional passbook account," says Yorkshire BS savings product manager Mike Helliwell.
Ao The Halifax Savers Prize Draw is open to both new and existing customers
Some saver tickets - the Tamworth local 10-trip saver, Midlands' 10-trip saver and Midland's family saver ticket - will no longer be available.
Retro-fit energy saving products developer Energy Reducing Products Ltd has announced the ELIMINATA Energy Savers range of products that save businesses money by reducing wasted energy in existing office appliances.
Green Fee Savers allow golfers to play a fine selection of top-ranked golf courses for half the normal green fee.
Almost three-quarters (72%) of savers believe that they are not supported or given a fair deal.
Savers with less than pounds 5,000 in Halifax's Extra Income Saver will receive just 0.