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SAVESSouth Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society
SAVESSexual Assault Victims Emergency Services (est. 1982; Farmington, ME)
SAVESSoutheastern Adams Volunteer Emergency Services (Hanover, PA)
SAVESStandard Automated Voucher Examining System
SAVESSafe Aviation Via Exceptional Service
SAVESStructure Analysis and Verification Server (University of California, Los Angeles)
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No other consideration could have persuaded me to means so mean save an end so noble.
But thou O Father, I forewarn thee, shun His deadly arrow; neither vainly hope To be invulnerable in those bright Arms, Though temper'd heav'nly, for that mortal dint, Save he who reigns above, none can resist.
But in the meantime saves the country," added Athos.
He swallers sixpenn'orth o' ale, an' saves a hap'orth o' por-ridge--that's his way o' layin' by money, as I've told him many a time, an' am likely to tell him again afore the day's out.
You see, whatever fatigue one incurs by carrying, one saves by being carried
Besides, it saves lead; for, when a body knows how to shoot, one piece of lead is enough for all, except hard-lived animals.
In my country, those whom physicians abandon run the chance of a quack, who kills them ten times but saves them a hundred times.
It saves the expense of my journey to Kingscote and back, and gives me the opportunity to "finish" a little in French.
There he sits as easy and happy as if he was at home, in the chair by his fireside; he trips against no stones, saves shoe-leather, and gets on he hardly knows how.
It could not be otherwise; they were being condemned, with that wise recklessness of human life which marks the great general, and often saves his forces and attains his ends, to certain slaughter, in order to give their cause and the remainder of the army a chance of success.
Twas she who dealt the death-blow to my mystery this morning, 'tis she who saves my life this evening
As the matter now stands, the king is still alive, and his imprisonment saves your life.