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Summary of 41 snail samples analyzed in this study, showing species, part of snail analyzed, harvesting area, sample collection date, and PSP toxicides (micrograms saxitoxin equivalents per kg of shellfish) by MBA and LC-FLD.
As Hoffmann described it, Wertheim's method of synthesizing saxitoxins was extremely simple, the sort of thing that is obvious with hindsight (Hoffmann, 2006).
This underscores the major problem of the HPLC-fluorescence approach since no PSP, other than saxitoxin, is available commercially.
Saxitoxin ranged from 15% in cockles to 6% of the total PST in clams.
To assess whether the anesthetic-loaded liposomes (called SDLs for saxitoxin dexamethasone liposomes) might work as a potential treatment for neuropathic pain, Kohane and Langer-along with Sahadev Shankarappa, MBBS, MPH, PhD (a fellow in the Kohane lab) and others-attempted to use them to block the development of signs of neuropathy in an animal model of sciatic nerve injury.
KEY WORDS: dinoflagellate, Florida, harmful algae, puffer fish, Pyrodinium bahamense, saxitoxin puffer fish poisoning, saxitoxins, Sphoeroides spp.
Detection of sodium channel toxins: directed cytotoxicity assays of purified ciguatoxins, brevetoxins, saxitoxins, and seafood extracts.
Kohane and his colleagues have found that when saxitoxin is packaged within liposomes, it is able to block nerve transmission of pain without causing significant nerve or muscle damage.
With the description of another toxin from shellfish called saxitoxin (possessing two guanidinium moieties), the molecular modeling work of Lipkind and Fozzard (1994) has led to some still-active debates about the three-dimensional structure of voltage-gated ion channels in excitable membranes.
Active groups of saxitoxin and tetrodotoxin as deduced from action of saxitoxin analogs on frog muscle and squid axon.
arenaria promotes a resistance to saxitoxin produced by dinoflagellates.