scFvSingle-Chain Variable Fragment (antibody)
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OXIS' lead drug candidate, OXS-1550 (DT2219ARL), is a novel bispecific scFv recombinant fusion protein-drug conjugate composed of the variable regions of the heavy and light chains of anti-CD19 and anti-CD22 antibodies and a modified form of diphtheria toxin as its cytotoxic drug payload.
The package heads straight for the cell nucleus where a different chemical environment breaks the bond, freeing ScFv 18-2 to attack the regulatory region of DNA-dependent protein kinase, an enzyme essential to DNA repair.
Tandem scFv: Tandem scFv (taFv) is produced by connecting two scFv molecules through a short linker.
The objectives of this proposal are to develop the first potent and safe tumour vascular-disrupting tumour immunotherapy using scFv s and CARs uniquely available in my laboratory.
Under the agreements, MorphoSys and its partners receive a license to use the XOMA antibody expression technology for developing antibody products (including Fab and scFv formats) using MorphoSys' phage display-based HuCAL antibody library.
ESBATech's lead antibody fragment, ESBA105, is a recombinant humanized scFv antibody fragment directed against human tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF).
In our solid-phase assay, the activity of the toxins appears not to be altered by the exchange of the binding domains by an antibody scFv or natural ligands such as EGF.
As one embodiment, attaching an scFv antibody fragment to the Aga2p agglutinin effectively mimics the cell surface display of antibodies by B cells in the immune system for affinity maturation in vivo.
Vybion has been successful with applying this technology to its own prototype proteins, including Alzheimer's A(beta)42 and scFv.
From a human synthetic library, we selected scFv against the allergens and established their expression as human IgE, IgG4, and IgG1 antibodies.
Dependent claims cover display of antibodies, and of scFv or Fab antibody fragments.