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Underlying earnings (EBITDA) are seen rising from $28.916 million in 2019, to $57.932 million in 2020, and $84.826 million in 2021, according to numbers provided by Exactus's management to Scalar, with an EBITDA margin of 88.8% in 2019, rising to 89.0% for the following years.
Scalar was founded in 2004 and has almost 350 coworkers serving customers across Canada.
where the scalar field is uniform and dependent on time according to the relation [[phi].sup.2] = [R.sup.2][[theta].sup.2].
In the previous work [9], it was shown that D'Eath and Halliwell's [2] quantization of the Dirac field in the closed FRW cosmology satisfies requirements similar to those just mentioned in the scalar field context; namely, the complex structure chosen in [2] is invariant under the symmetries of the field equations (which of course include SO(4), the isometry group of the spatial sections) and admits a unitary implementation of the dynamics.
There are potential approaches to estimate the conditional distribution of EDPs for the given scalar and vector IMs [27], but in the present study, the cloud method is briefly described and employed.
Observe that, in a complex finite-dimensional space, the scalar type spectral operators are those linear operators on the space, for which there is an eigenbasis (see, e.g., [6, 7]) and, in a complex Hilbert space, the scalar type spectral operators are precisely those that are similar to the normal ones [8].
The building blocks of such scheme are a buffer, a variance estimator, a log-uniform quantizer [Q.sub.LU] with L levels for the quantization of frame variance and an adaptive scalar compandor (Q), which codebook is updated frame-wise.
* Windows-compatible software supports a full range of plot formats for a scalar or vector view of dual or single-port parameters
* A review of the process of migrating from Omeka ( to Scalar ( for digital collection publishing (Matt Krc, Newberry Library).
A passive scalar is a diffusive contaminant in a fluid flow that is present in such low concentration that it has no effect on the fluid motion, or any of its properties [10].
In this situation, EFIE is dominated by the scalar potentials while the contribution from the vector potentials is overwhelmed due to the finite machine precision.