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SCALLOPSSustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound (state of Washington)
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It's disappointing we won't be able to offer fresh Nantucket Bay Scallops in the restaurant this year, but protecting the resource over time is more important.
A Welsh Government spokesman said: "Following an extensive research programme undertaken by Bangor University we are currently considering the establishment of a viable and sustainable scallop fishery which may include areas currently closed to dredging for king scallops within the Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation.
Just don't forget the breadcrumbs, as their crunchiness will be the perfect companion to the delicate texture of the scallops.
Clearwater is continuously looking for new ways to serve its products, meeting today's consumers' needs; new Bacon Wrapped Scallops combine our finest wild-caught Canadian sea scallops wrapped in a delicious thinly-cut bacon.
over the base of your barbecue in a flat and even layer - - the scallops are going to be cooked directly on the coals, so it doesn't matter what barbecue technique you use here.
However, Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher said he anticipates having to cut days if scallops become too heavily depleted during the season.
While this may be some way off, the project puts in place many of the key elements needed and we now know far more about scallops in the English Channel as a result of Bangor University's science.
4 SCALLOPS can be expensive, depending on size, because they take between two to five years to mature.
An increasing number of modern cooks in France are serving thinly sliced raw scallops sashimistyle, although it's usually called carpaccio and anointed with a zesty sauce from a squirt bottle.
4 SCALLOP SENSATION Cut scallops into slices and cure them using lime juice, salt and chives.