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SCAMPStandardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan
SCAMPSingle Channel Anti-jam Man-Portable terminal
SCAMPSecurity Call Analysis and Monitoring Platform (AT&T)
SCAMPSound Card Amateur Message Protocol
SCAMPSupplemental Camera and Maneuvering Platform (UMCP Space Systems Lab)
SCAMPShipboard Chemical Agent Monitor, Portable
SCAMPScalable Membership Protocol
SCAMPShipboard Computer-Aided Maintenance Program
SCAMPStandard Configuration And Modification Program
SCAMPSmall Caliber Ammunition Modernization Program (US DoD)
SCAMPSensor Control & Management Platoon (USMC)
SCAMPSatellite Command Antenna on Medium Pedestal
SCAMPSelf-Propelled Crane for Aircraft Maintenance and Positioning
SCAMPScholarships for Children of American Military Personnel
SCAMPSystems Control & Maintenance Panel
SCAMPUK Computer Aided Message Processor
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For scamp grouper, a smaller palm-sized bait like small hard tails or cigar minnows are ideal, but mud minnows, finger mullet, and even pinfish will work.
Scamp Theatre was founded in 2003 at the hands of award-winning international producers, Jennifer Sutherland and Louise Callow.
But Scamp urged the watchdog to reconsider, saying the penalty was so strict that she had since been unable to find work elsewhere.
Bill and Scamp turned out to live not far from my parents' new home which made it easier for me to agree on a schedule of twice weekly walks fitting in with a couple of other volunteers, meaning that Scamp got out regularly.
Daffodil breeder Mr Scamp has previously been awarded the 'Carlo Naef' trophy from The Springfield's Horticultural Society in recognition of his work to the United Kingdom's bulb industry.
56mm EPR ball cartridge costs have been reduced by incorporating low-cost component manufacturing methods, improving production efficiency to the high-speed SCAMP (Small Caliber Ammunition Modernization Program) cartridge production line and enhancing purchasing strategies and competitive buying.
The One Direction scamp, 19, was snapped with a stack of chips as he played roulette in the early hours at the Crown Perth casino's VIP Pearl Room in Western Australia.
The 10-1 ante-post Pricewise recommendation cracked out, slipped into a clear lead and was never troubled thereafter to beat Blue Scamp by three lengths.
William Scamp (1801-1872); an architect of the British Admiralty in Malta.
Its founder Ron Scamp surprised Jones in the One Show studio when he presented her with the unusual pale white and pink flower.
Landed catch consisted of old, large fish and discarded scamp had little overlap in age ranges, had significantly different mean ages, and only small differences in size at age when compared to comparable data for landed fish.
Having been badly treated in the past, Pablo has now settled into his new home and is regaining his confidence with both humans and with his new best friend, Scamp the Lurcher.